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  • You had me at stockinette stitch equivalent! That sounds like something worth the price of admission.

  • Always love to read your reviews, Franklin (and anything else you write). In this case, you’ve raised my already high expectations for Norah’s new book, which I ordered yesterday! I have a longtime love of cables, and of Norah’s patterns. That blue fitted pullover is exactly what my daughter recently requested- so much texture! And I want to make that sideways turtleneck for myself.
    Excited to add this to my rather extensive knitting library.

  • I bought Gaughan’s new book right away even though I’m trying not to buy more books. . .and that Epstein book looks adorable.

  • Dammit. See, we also recently had a bookshelf clearout and now you’re making me want to fill it up again. (good job!)

  • You are a Titan of inspiration. I think I may need a fair isle cat too.

  • I recently saw Epstein’s book, it’s fabulous! The ideas are great!

  • I need these books. Yes, need. Plus I have a granddaughter who wants to learn to knit. I see definite possibilities.

  • Franklin, I’ve loved you for lo these many years, and love the book reviews you are giving us at MDK. And I understand you u only revie books you love and put them in the best light, which appreciate on many levels. But, yeah, sorry for the but… I think you do t give enough credit to what kids can and will make with knitting. Afterall if they made themselves a sweater it’s still pretty small. Sorry, just had to stick up for all the kids out there who would do more of only given the chance. Yes, at age 4 I had to *force* my impatien non-teaching mother to teach me to knit. Why do you ask? Luckily my age 6 I was friend S with a neighbor who had me join in on her idea to crochet 7 Christmas ponchos for her grand nieces. And to my delight there was one for me — variegated purple! In the 70s nothing could have been better!

    • I’m writing from my personal experience, which is all I can speak to. And in my experience, most kids – most – are not excited by dishcloths and are too impatient for scarves. If a kid is exceptional – fantastic. They should be encouraged.

      But again, I am writing from my own experience and speaking of the majority, not the exceptions. Me, I was an exception – desperate to sew, knit, and crochet at a young age and forbidden to do any of them because of my gender.

  • I am so in love with the Norah Gaughan book. I got it for Christmas this year and it is like a compilation volume of fairy tales of knitting.

  • I’d already checked out Norah Gaughan’s amazing book, but hadn’t heard of the Knit a Square book, which is right up my 7 year old’s alley! She has a number of animals she’d like to knit but doesn’t have the skills yet (and I hate fiddly knitting, so I’m not doing it for her!). If she can do the square, I can do the bits, and all will be well 🙂

  • I am putting these on my list for my upcoming birthday. If I don’t pick them up before that…..

  • Oh, Franklin, you writing wizard! Your reviews are magic. I don’t even like cables, and I put the Norah Gaughan book on hold at the library. (I love her work, and the book Knitting Nature in particular, though.) And…I adore easy, whimsical knitting, so I plan to purchase the Epstein book at the earliest opportunity! Thanks for letting me know about it.

  • GAH. Nobody told me there was a dachshund. I was fine until you said dachshund.

  • Great info & written in a way that encourages exploration of a wonderful tool.

  • Fair isle kitty? Must. Knit. And I already purchased Norah Gaughan’s cable book last fall, right after taking her reversible cables class at Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival. My bookshelf needs a clearing, but that book is not leaving.

    So nice to see you last week at Madrona!

  • Wow ! Well written Franklin and now I want to go buy both! I have more knitting books than I can count but my daughter just learned to knit and I love designing with cables. Off to the store I go!

  • After reading your reviews, I promptly ordered both books. Who knows – maybe I’ll knit a cable-encrusted creature made of knitted squares!

  • Just ordered the book to try & make the little Polar Bears