Hei Snood: Making The World a Little Warmer

By Kay Gardiner
October 26, 2016

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  • Gorgeous.

  • lovely! can’t knit right now so living vicariously through you!

  • Love the cowl, and especially love the Appalachian Trail colorway. Very nice! I’ve had my eye on the Hap Cowl for a while now… I think I’ve come down with a case of Fall Start-itis.

  • One of my WIPs is a Hap Cowl, so yes! Cast on!

  • Gorgeous snood. The stitch pattern really shows off the gradation of colors in Rifton. From these photos, it seems this snood does NOT need blocking. It is wonderful as it is; it does not need to be stretched out. Besides, the added texture gives the snood extra warmth, perfect for those offices, stores, or theaters that are still running the air conditioning.

    Now, about that Big Floral Intarsia Damask Thing hiding in the corner…;-)

  • Hey, Kay, your Hei is a-may-zing. I scrolled through the photos more than once to take it all in. It was charming to imagine you recruiting your model-health-care-provider-neighbor to showcase Rifton’s delicacy and Hei’s beauty. In my mind that is one of those fabulous only-in-New-York moments.

    I hope Olive doesn’t mind, but here’s another New York moment dedicated to amazing senior dogs I wanted to share:


  • Hei Snood,
    Long and Winding Cowl,

    Waiting for the next Beatles reference.

  • “Solid doesn’t have to mean plain.” So true!

  • It is stunning. The pattern with the subtlety of the Rifton. I have great neighbours too. Borrow sugar, but also a long shovel or a handsaw. Sometimes even the muscle to work them.

  • Oh, and warmer is definitely in order. I woke up to snow this morning….

  • Beauteous.

  • It’s gorgeous! And blimey, I can’t believe yiu didn’t block it! Congratulations? Are you having blocking withdrawal symptoms? Hope not. Btw, it’ll be so much more fun when you finally do!

  • It’s beautiful, and this is the perfect yarn for it, no doubt! I really like the reverse side as well. In fact, I think if you try it inside out AND upside down (as in, flip that reverse photograph 180), it might look wonderfully like a form of marine life. If you try it, please report back 🙂

  • What a beautiful, and somewhat unexpected pattern. and JoAnn wears it stunningly.

  • How can I get on your holiday list?

    • Ya gotta get in line . 😉

  • I thought Rowan Denim was on your short list of yarns to hoard. 🙂

    • Busted! Yes, I have a modest reserve of Rowan Denim.

  • Pick me! Pick me! Oh, wait, you don’t have THAT kind of holiday list…darn.

    I love the eyelet side of that cowl even more than the “right” side. Great texture!

  • OK this is just fabulous. ::snatches Noro silk leftovers away from elderly Log Cabin W.I.P.::