We’ve loved Euroflax linen yarn forever, and are thrilled to offer it in mini-skein sets. Each pack contains five 65-yard skeins, in colorways chosen by the tastefullest person we know, Melanie Falick. O the possibilities!


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  • Oh Lord that is a CUSHION! Please post the pattern and I will buy all the mini skeins needed! Wow wow wow.

    • I second the pattern request. I’ve admired this bench ever since you first made it!

      • It’s in the 1st Modern Daily Knitting book. 🙂

    • I agree!

  • This post is bylined to Kay, but Hubbo belongs to Ann . . . No matter, I’m off to see whatever happened to my stashed Euroflax! XXO

  • I made these towels when the book first came out…made many, many of them (they are addictive) and I can say that they are more beautiful now then they were at the beginning. I love using Euroflax!!

  • Maureen mentioned making the towels “when the book first came out”. What book? Is it still in print? I want one! Particularly if it includes the bench cushion.
    Just received the Snippets email and it looks like it’s going to be regular Saturday reading.

    • Two books I have owned since they came out. “Modern Daily Knitting” is the first, I think. Just head to Amazon and search. They are loaded with projects as we’ll as wonderful storiustoriues and musdings. I read them both cover to covet, and still enjoy them. Hope this helpos. Candace

  • Wow!!! Thanks for the update on these two favorites from Modern Daily Knitting ( still my favorite knitting book after all these years! And the projects are still as fresh today as they were when the book came out ).
    This post has inspired me to finish up those Euroflax guest towels I started a few years back but never finished. Then I can order more in those beautiful new colors! Loved this post!

  • I made a couple of curtains, hand towels and a runner when your books first published….I cannot agree more about the quality and durability of Euroflax

  • Hand towels! I was intrigued by the idea when I read the book way back when, but this post inspires action!

  • Love love Euroflax! It’s so soft and drapes beautifully! And knitting towels is such a lovely task, I am delighted that other knitters feel the same! It’s my go-to when I design scarves for my friends who have wool allergies.

  • ARGUH! I remember these towels, bought the book, bought the yarn, and all are in a storage unit in Colorado which is on the other side of the world from me. And Euroflax is awesome. I have a top that I knitted way back in the early mid 1980’s (I think) and it always looked brand new.

  • How many skeins of Euroflax does it take to knit a bathroom hand towel? My grandchildren go thru the pretty fast.

  • The picture of the three little girls could be straight out of my childhood. That’s Barbi, Gay and Nola Jean noodling around on mom’s brand new piano. Thanks Ann for a little bit of nostalgia this Thanksgiving morning. Wishing you a happy day with family and friends (you too Kay). P.S. Ditto on inspired to knit up a few linen hand towels

  • I love this yarn! I love knitting with it and love wearing it and yes, towels are wonderful as well.

  • Is the book still available? Suddenly, I have a strong desire to knit hand towels.

  • Are you saying that in 14 years you always air dried hand towels and not once did one of them sneak into the dryer by accident? What happens to euroflax in the dryer?

  • I wish I could get Euroflax in Australia. I’ve bought Lithuanian linen, which is lovely in its own way, but the plying is different to Euroflax or FibraNatura linen.