Rule No. 1 Mug

A sturdy diner mug with a message that can get you to the other side of intarsia.



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  • I want my own warehouse SO BAD.

  • You could install a green screen and make a mint from fiberfolks wanting to do photoshoots of bulky weight sweaters.

    • Now thar’s a brilliant idea!

  • Looking forward to further developments. Meanwhile, I also recommend some fingerless mitts.

  • Sweater weather inside…heaven for knitters! Grab those hand knitted socks and mitts – once your hands and feet are cold, you’re toast! I love your new space…and wish you all the success you so richly deserve!

  • So exciting! I’ll be down in a couple of weeks – maybe we can get together. I’d love to see your space! Such fun!

  • New metro shelves and office supplies – making my heart sing!

  • So. Cool.
    Such. Fun.

  • I’m telling Lamar…

    • Tattle-tail

  • So cool! Congratulations!

  • So amazed at what you have accomplished and proud of all of you. I want to come see. I’ll bring food. xo

    • Oh my, Judy. If I ever have a chance to visit, I hope it will be THAT day! 🙂

      • Quinn, if you visit, we’ll have a special party. Ann lives around the corner from me

    • Judy ….we were sort of hoping you would model something for us – does next week work? Serious!

      • Can’t turn a tomboy into a model, believe me!

  • That is SO exciting! I’m so happy for you!

  • A warehouse . A blank slate.
    The possibilities are endless!!!!!

  • Thanks for the tour of MDK HQ! So excited to see it at this stage. Updates, please, as things change.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is all I have to say.

  • How cool is this! I am in love with your new space. I think I need packing tables at my house. I’m excited for you and am looking forward to (and saving $$) for the new website.

  • Congrats on your new space and venture! The possibilities are endless! Can’t wait to see as things progress. Wishing you great success! Having a cold office is good for.all.the. sweater.making/assembling going on!

  • Congratulations! More yarn storage in the world…and so safe with all that air conditioning…is a beautiful sight. Looking forward to watching you grow!

  • OMG….Germantown at Werthan? I think that’s the only converted mill down there but, when you mentioned meat locker cold, I thought it might be one of the converted butcher shops, which abounded in the original Germantown. My bucket list for my next visit now as MDK in top spot. Ooooooh!

  • Nothing like the broad expanse of an empty table to spark dreams of creativity! assemblage! designorama!
    Congrats to MDK on your new venture, new collaborations, and new SPACE!

  • Do you think there is room upstairs for an egg station? Or maybe a larabar vending machine? Those would be some sweet perks.
    Love it so much!

    • Get down here!

  • This makes me want to quit my legal job, move to Nashville, and hand-deliver a resume that has nothing to do with knitting or e-commerce, but whatever…

    • I agree. I was thinking maybe I could pack boxes.

  • I live in Nashville, love Germantown, and am now dying to drop by and fangirl out. Congrats on the new space!

  • This is SO THRILLING! And so legit! ADMIRE,

  • I’m soooooo excited for you! Awesome space even if it is a little chilly – hope this doesn’t also equate to it being more ‘Mars’ in temperature in Summer… Revel in the socks, jumpers & socks that are required now

  • I see your stash is almost as big as mine. Wait now, oh, that’s your stock! Well, I think I need to make your stash my stock. No, the other way around.

  • Added to my list of things to see in Nashville. I’m there a couple times a year however the Most Adorable Granddaughter never lets me leave the house. On the next trip I will insist that she turn off her adorableness for a few hours.

  • The best reason of all to visit Nashville! So exciting!

    • We will get tours, right?

  • Well done! All the best.

  • I’m excited for you and I’m excited for me. You’re gonna bring us great stuff!

  • I’d love to come by! Ann, are you coming by Eastside Fiber Festival this weekend? I’m vending and would be so excited to say hi! (I’m Unwind Yarn Co)

    • How did I not know about this fiber festival? I’m less than 30 minutes away but my day tomorrow is already packed so I won’t be able to make it til next year. I’ve added myself to the mailing list so I won’t miss out again!

  • You must still be decorating the dressing room Olive will be using when she visits for modeling gigs. (Also, let the cats roam around the warehouse for a few hours. They’ll tell you where the warm spots are.)

  • 63 degrees? Where are all those quick knit bulky cardigans (needle size 15 and up) that can only be worn in sub zero temps or meat lockers??

  • Well with the cool temp, you won’t have trouble finding folks willing to model or fondle wool!

    Will be in Nashville for the first time in two weeks. Have no idea what neighborhood is what, so that means I could stumble by. (lots of reading and map studying to do on the flight.)

  • Are you taking suggestions? I am positive you need a fire hose box on the wall that says IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS only instead of a fire hose inside…

    Tim Tams.

    • We are waiting for the Tim Tam flavored Larabars.

  • Congrats!

  • Well done ladies! Your space looks like it will fill quickly and be brimming with intriguing items for all. Very much looking forward to seeing what you have dreamed up. Don’t forget the pet beds!!

  • This IS exciting! Such possibilities. Congrats! Purl Soho has their west coast fulfillment warehouse about a 10 min. drive from my house – it looks a lot like MDK World Headquarters! OK, they have more yarn at present, but I think you may be gaining on them.

    • No WONDER Purl Soho gets the yarn I order from them to Oregon so fast!

  • Love that the shenanigans are going on only a few miles from my house! Maybe I can come over and lower hot chocolate to you on a string from the staircase? Congrats on this most exciting development in fiber since early man took sticks and made little gentle points with them and then grabbed the nearest sheep.

  • How exciting. I can’t wait to see what’s in store. I’d love to stop by sometime to see it in person. Holler at me if you get in a crunch and need someone to help out!

  • I probably haven’t told you lately how wonderful it’s been having you guys back on the blog. And now you tell me there’s MORE! It makes me happy.

  • Oh. WOW. How exciting!!

  • Fabulous space for MDKWH! So cool (I’m not talking temp), and how nice to have such a great neighbor when you need to borrow a cup of yarn!


  • I am so unhip I have no idea what an ironic marlin is. I think a marlin is a fish or possibly a bird. Don’t mind me. I’m off to the hairdressers to have a blue rinse.

    • No worries, Gwynth, I’m sitting here Googling Tim tams!

  • You are on the verge of EPIC TRANSFORMATION!!! Wa-hoo!!

  • So. freaking. fabulous. From one lessee of a freezing old workspace in a former mill (mine is pre-Civil War) to another, you’re going to love every minute there. Ugg boots, or their knitted equivalent, help a lot.

    • Hand-knit socks and slippers would work. Hip hooray for the new venture! I’m right there with you (figuratively, I mean, because actually I’m right here).

  • Congratulations…this is such a wonderful thing . 🙂 can’t wait to make a trek south.

  • Congratulations! Very exciting! I do hope to visit, i did love Nashville!

  • I work in an ice skating rink. In Florida. It’s about 58° around the ice. Thank goodness for the heater in my office. My cold stiff fingers sympathize.

  • I have no idea what y’all are up to, but I am SO EXCITED!!! I can’t wait!

  • WOW!!! This is incredible and I admire you both so much. Your imagination and creativity has made the blog such a success and it just keeps going and going……. All the best as you settle into the MDK World Headquarters.

  • Fringe Association. Craft South. And now THIS. Road trip!

    • I know! If you ever wanted to stem the tide of new arrivals to Nashville, this. Is. Not. Helping.