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  • Happy Mother’s Day to you fine ladies. Enjoy MDSW. Stay hydrated and reapply sunscreen. (There, I got my mom voice out.)

  • Glad your trip came together, Kay…SUCH Fun! Looking forward to snaps and snippets 🙂
    Happy Mothers’ Day to those who celebrate it, and Wonderful Sunday to the rest of us!

  • Hi Ann and Kay, I too stopped receiving email notifications since your server move. Hope you can fix!

  • Have a great time, Kay!

    Btw, I’ve only received one email notification EVER from the blog, regardless of whichever server was on the job, and I signed up months ago. One more puzzle to solve!

    • I meant to say only one newsletter. Haven’t signed up for notices of new posts to the blog.

  • She also played Melissa McCarthy’s sidekick in Spy, and was hilarious.

  • I hope you have so much fun at MDSW, last time I was there they still had a gratifying mix of small/local and the cult-following high stakes indies. Personally, the small/local people are why I love the festivals. I can queue up for an etsy scrum if I have to, but live and in person is the only way to find some of the local gems and score fleece or wool straight from the shepherd.

    Really commenting to see if I can get back my email notifications which dropped after I entered the Noro contest. I miss starting the day with MDK in my mailbox!

  • Have a great day at MDSW. I was there yesterday. It was fantastic. The line at Miss Babs moved surprisingly fast and it took me about 10 seconds to get a tee shirt at the booth near the entrance. Color was green instead of my preferred pink. But, not having to wait, priceless. There was many wonderful things to see, do and eat. Enjoy!

  • Have a great day at MDSW! Ironically, I am reading your post while watching Chummy swing into action to bring Princess Margaret to Poplar. Will have to find Miranda next.

  • Love Miranda too – so hilarious in all her parts. Looks like MDSW has been great! Btw, I too have not got email posts since last Thursday – and no response to the (re)sign up of the newsletter (as in check your email). So I’m manually looking on your website for daily posts until this can get fixed 🙂

  • I went to MDSW for the first time yesterday and it was a blast. I had no idea there are so many kinds of sheep. My kids loved seeing the angora bunnies. My seven-year old daughter explained spinning in great detail to her grandmother tonight, with Sleeping Beauty as context, of course.

    Miranda was in another sitcom and the name escapes me, but it was a hilarious send up of the Star Trek shows–befuddled and not so courageous space explorers trying to expand the British Space Empire.

  • Ditto boundless love of Miranda Hart. There was a marathon of Midwives going on today, but I don’t know if it included any of the priceless Chummy episodes. Would have loved to drive down to Maryland with you but unfortunately had family stuff. Frankly, it seems a bit unfair that Mother’s Day actually prevents mothers from doing what they please, i.e. attending sheep festivals.

  • Can’t wait to check out the series.

  • Hope you had a wonderful MDSW! I hope to get there next year, it’s definitely on my list as I would love to see the parade of sheep.

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  • I will sign up again as I also stopped getting emails after Thursday:(

  • Such fun! xx