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  • Shirley Paden?! What was she wearing, was it marvellous?

    • She was absolutely chic, as you would totally expect. Not a bit of North Face fleece to be found in her ensemble.

  • Lovely! Such a good and dedicated group of knitters braving the elements! Wish I could have joined. ♡♡♡

  • Mina (14 year old shihtzu) and I would SO have loved to join you. I don’t know which part of your tale I enjoyed best, the comment “Lisa from downstairs” (that made me laugh), or the fact you took a photo beside Balto. I have very fond memories of Balto from a visit in 1976, where I have a photo of a good friend of mine giving him a hug. Looks like a great time was had by all, and happy Canada was represented so well in the mix! (as for the big hat from down under – wow. I love it)

  • Heart warmed ✅
    Awesome. Thank you.

  • Looks like a great time was has by all! Pups are very stylish, such cute sweaters! Have enjoyed the blogs so much, thanks for sharing it. I always wish they would do a VK Boston, someday maybe….

  • Sorry if I missed a previous post but is there a link to Olive and Willie’s fair isle sweater? Although the giant Aussie hat might be a better fit! Thank you!

    • Hi Di,

      The pattern is Voff from the book Knitting With Icelandic Wool by Vedis Jonsdottir. Willie and Olive are wearing the largest size and they are only 10 pounds apiece.

  • Thanks for sharing! Looks like it was great fun. Hope Artie recovers from the excitement.

  • Loved seeing these photos! How fun.

  • So sorry to have missed all the fun, it looks likes great time. Not to mention the chance to see dogs in handknits (that would have been the highlight for me)!

    • We

      • We missed you. Next year Hy & Vi have to come, in sweaters.

        • Not to forget the crotchety old pug POE!!

        • Pugs are the best, crotchety or not!

  • Looks like it was absolutely wonderful – dogs and humans resplendent in handknits! Would love to have joined you!

  • Epic. The only word for it.

  • Lovely. What a great bunch.
    Sigh. I am LONG overdue a visit to NYC!

  • Willie and Olive are AWESOME in their sweaters. Did the pooches have to stay outside while you partook of pastries and coffee?

    • They were warm and cozy the whole time and may have gotten a few bites of carb in addition to many pets and cuddles.

  • I think I must have one of those giant hats! I love it!

  • Do they normally let pets in? I know a bar that does, but would I’ve a coffe place too!!

  • Pics made me smile!! Next year fer sur.

  • How lucky can Olive get? A hand-knit designer sweater and not one, but two, handsome guys escorting her through Central Park!!!

  • This looks so fun—despite the early hour! I couldn’t get the link to open on Monday, and am glad that it cooperated today. I spotted Olive right away in that first photo. It was so nice to see her little face (and chic sweater!). It was the same heart-warming feeling I got when I saw Tom and Sybbie’s return to Downton Abbey.