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  • mahvelous, just mahvelous! i can imagine so many possibilities for knitted wreaths! combining holiday spirit and creative outlet. edginess and – everimportant – stashbustiing. must admit that i had never thought of making one, though. and the blankets? must be so comforting in your home. lots of amour chère Kay & family… happy holiday (it is US thanksgiving, non?)

  • I DO feel the need to knit a wreath! Funnily enough I was discussing what type of wreath to knit just yesterday & then this pattern magically appeared. Perfection!!

  • Of course I am! Off to get the pattern now. Thanks. And those blankets are lovely.

  • I’m actually seeing a short video, “Date with Balto.” Get the film crew ready! : )
    But seriously, nice work! You are awesome!

  • We all want wreaths. Can you see it now. A wreath on every doorstep. Woo Hoo

  • Thank you Brits ! Can’t wait to find out what lagging is. If only my NYC apartment “front door” was so pretty.

  • I am GOING to knit a wreath!

  • Thanks for sharing more about NYC and the great work of Citymeals. I’ve already passed it on to a group of fellow foodies in case anyone was still looking for a way to spread some love to NYC.

  • loving all your blankets and their inspiration. will i ever finish what i start? does it matter? of course i need to knit a wreath, who doesn’t? i have someone who would love to help if you are ever supervising a bunch of kids again…….

  • Download complete! I think my hank(s) of ice blue Cascade Magnum will be just the thing for the one I make for the Aged P. (Kay, don’t tell Lina I called her that.) xoc

  • Love the wreath! Love both blankets! Staying tuned! (I am nothing if not obedient). xo

  • Staying tuned for the blankets (but patience is not my primary virtue!!)

  • Awesome.

  • I love that blanket! oh, and that OTHER blanket! I can’t wait for those blankets! – what? oh, take your time! Suddenly I feel like knitting a wreath… (-‘

  • Oh, LOL with the potstickers. had eggzacly the same experience. tried my best but no, so unappealing.

  • Love the blankets! And the wreath. Yes, I just bought the wreath pattern. Not sure it will make it for THIS Christmas, but I know it will keep until next year.

  • Bought it – a perfect Christmas gift to make for my friend. And KnitPicks bulky is on sale!

  • Lovely, lovely! I’m thinking knitted holly leaves instead of pompoms. Actually, the base wreath pattern would work all year round, wouldn’t it? A person could add seasonal/theme details…the possibilities are many!

  • You’re as convincing as Franklin: “You KNOW you want to go to Twist Collective and buy that pattern..go…hurry..” The wreath looks like the perfect thing for the front door of a yarn shop – oh paypal….you are my bestfriend.

  • Making a wreath, check. Staying tuned. Check.

  • Just thought I’d let you know you are a good advocate for your neighbors. Hubby and I discussed and decided our food bank check this month should go to our neighbors at NY Citymeals. You can still be neighbors from 12 states away, can’t you? ;^)

  • My wife loves knitting and I never thought alot about it, but I have to say. Knitting and crocheting creates some of the nicest things. You all have my respect.I love what you all are doing.

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