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  • Despite a full house and too many knit blankets already underway (I think of thems my Fussy Cutlets) , you are right. Little boy and log cabin envy all the way. I’m so-so on the Kentucky Farm–it soes have a fab clothesline….

  • Oh, yeah !!! I’m casting one on today for my grandson. I forgot how much I love this blanket for little boys.

  • They’re gorgeous! Luckily for me, I’m already WORKING on a log cabin, though mine’s not so bright and cheery!

  • Oh my gosh — best photos EVER of a knitted blanket. Lucky Yolanda. I think I might have to knit one of these for my nephew.

  • OMG! Those blankets are fabulous! The boys are cute, too.

  • Wow. And wonderful. Thanks for that Kay!

  • What great blankets, and such beautiful photos! It was so very nice to meet you in person. I look forward to seeing your future knitting adventures… I’m working on a Fussy Cuts adventure of my own. Knitting makes every day just a little better. Thanks for the the inspiration. 🙂

  • uh, yeah, those are GORGEOUS!!

  • Huge, collective, “Awww”- -so so so lovely! Thanks for brightening my morning!

  • Holy smokes, I thought you were exaggerating, but instead you were understated. Best ever photos of log cabin blankets and the joy for life that is the engine in little boys (I have three, no longer so little but still joyful and boyful). Thanks for a beautiful lift to my day!

  • The class in Nashville was great; I loved meeting you guys in person as well as the amazing Yolanda and lots of other fab knitters. Thanks for sharing this inspiring link!

  • Thanks for the link – those blankets – not to mention those boys – were wonderful. I am on square 11 of an 18-square mitered cross blankie. Assuming I survive it, I think I might make one of those log cabin beauties as well. What a wonderul addition to a child’s room/nursery.

  • OK…that did it! Time to dust off the partially done Log Cabin and finish that bad boy! Makes for good mindless baseball knitting…and our season starts tomorrow night. Perfect timing!

  • I just love these! So beautiful!

  • Thanks so much Kay for the shout out today! And all your comments are so appreciated. You’ve all made my day! -Liz

  • I’m on the last strip of my own log cabin number, knitted in DK wool from the Joseph pattern in your first book. By the end of this weekend, I’ll be onto the borders…my kids are already “debating” as to blanket ownership rights…

  • Bright, colorful, cheerful—both boys and blankets. Though Liz captured everything beautifully, I think I will stick with just the log cabins for now!

  • Until I had one of each, I didn’t realize how well little boys and log cabin blankets go together. Love the pictures!

  • Until I had one of each, I didn’t realize how well little boys and log cabin blankets go together. Love the pictures!

  • These are such amazing photos, so incredibly joyful. FULL OF JOY! LOVE THEM! Thank you for remembering to track these down so we can all dream of blankets on clotheslines.

  • You’re right. Now that I’ve looked at those photos, I feel a compelling need to buy many colors of yarn and start knitting… They are gorgeous, thanks for sharing the link.

  • I have to say, I’ve never been especially moved by knitted log cabin blankets, but these are spectacular. I’ve got a blanket due for a cousin in July . . . Might be casting this one on! Thanks for the pix!

  • I love that she used Peaches and Cream cotton for the blankets. I think I’ll be casting on with my PNC/SNC stash soon! Love her color sequencing.

  • Those blankets are a true inspiration. And I was feeling overwhelmed knitting blankets for mere twins.

  • Kay, I really must protest. That was the most under-powered warning ever. You cannot believe how stirred I am by these photographs.
    I bet people are knitting Blankies of Many Colors three hundred years from now.

  • Am currently knitting my 3rd Joseph’s Blankie and loving every stitch! Great pattern!
    And these photos and gorgeous little boys aren’t bad, either!!

  • I think Peaches & Cream is still available – http://www.elmore-pisgah.com/index.htm

  • It was a fun class, er, party! Thanks for coming to Nashville, Kay, and thanks for bringing a bunch of nice men (Hi Mike & Jeff!) and women together. I hope you’ll do it again next year. Or sooner.

  • Wow. You just may have shaken free my stuck afghan in dishcloth cotton (mostly green, with turtles) for my own no-longer-so-small boy. I’d better get a move on before he hits puberty.

  • Beautiful, beautiful photos. Spectacular blankets. Thanks for sharing.

  • Incredibly delicious – all!

  • Ann and Kay, thanks so much for throwing such a fine party and for the blog love. I have to say though that Elizabeth makes my knitting look much better than it really does. And it warms my heart that the boys love their blankies. I had a blast making them.

  • I buy Peaches and Creme at Wal-Mart.