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  • You had me at ‘yarn shop and wine bar.’ If only I were closer, I’d be there!

  • I’d be carpooling with Kym… or helping to look for a designated driver. Have fun!!

  • My best friend lives in Brooklyn. I have to get up there and visit her, and also make her take me to Yarn Shop And Wine Bar!!

  • I love the denim squares. I am on square 11 of my blanket (I’m doing a full size mitred squares blanket with just full squares out of sock yarn). I think I need a total of 35, which feels like forever in knitting land.
    Also, I’m running a contest for people who guess when I’ll finish.

  • I like how you snuck (sneaked? whatever…) the Mrs. Slocum-ism in there. And I too am “unanimous” about that.
    You tempt to me to quit my current blankety-thing in progress to start up the mitered crosses but I Can’t. I. Can’t. Stop.

  • Yarn and wine-perfect. Just had to tell you I loved the Knitter’s Review shout out to M-DK on May 5th. It is true, your blog always seems like a great party! Congratulations on all the wonderful things you have been accomplishing! P.S. Never put anything into the front seat pocket on the plane! I read a story where they tested them for bacteria and it was ugly and involved dirty diapers being put there. Never even touch those pockets.

  • Yarn shop and wine bar, this I have to see.
    Have Gale come up to Plymouth for a photo workshop!

  • Congratulations on the massive amount of money you have raised with this pattern. It looks great and the money will certainly come in handy I’m sure.
    (from the ex-CraftyCripple)

  • Kay,
    I love seeing your Studies in Mitered Crosses. Have fun with the classes, both as a teacher and student.
    I would love to take Gale’s Photography for Knitters class in July. However, I will count my blessings that at that time I will be moving to a house where much of the square footage will be dedicated to a craft area! (20-25%. Really.) I can’t believe my luck.

  • As a lover of high contrast color pairings, you had me at blue denim and ecru! And wine bar.

  • Hey I was just going to say that I want to join you at your class next week but am busy– but you reminded me it won’t be too long before you are joining me at mine. So pysched. I expect we’ll delve deeply into the topic of “photographing mitered squares, any fiber content, any color”.Why not? They make great subjects and we have a super fab setting in which to capture them.
    That is going to be on fun class day. I, for one, will eschew the white trousers tho I welcome the tinkling of G&T’s.
    ps really grossed out by the plane pocket comment above. Really?

  • I’ve been eyeing the sewn pattern and thinking it’s a super effect from such a simple construction. There must be a jelly roll around here somewhere…
    The denim ones just kill me.

  • “The gin-cushioned tinkling of ice cubes”. . . sigh. The sound of summer. Though the tinkling of ice cubes cushioned by any tasty beverage will do, actually.
    I love your cloth-quilt squares, especially that pale print framing the crosses. Beautiful.

  • You are going to have so much fun in your photography class! I’m looking forward to hundreds of bloggy fibersnaps to come.
    (And I wish I could visit La Casita, because I would have so much fun in YOUR class!)

  • La Casita: my advice is to buy the yarn before you order the glass of wine. Just sayin’.

  • “the feet of The MIghty Zucker” Now there is a great spot.
    Won’t it be cool when some knitter reports in from a Delta flight? Ok, we all have our assignmens, especially those of us at Delta hubs where no other airline flies: only book seat 22A. I think knitting will conquer anything in the pocket, especially a mighty mitered cross.

  • What about Brooklyn General? No yarn in its name. Looking forward to meeting you Tuesday.

  • I love the Mitred Crosses Blanket! Such a unique use of mitering. 🙂

  • Ooh, the original quilt pattern is sucking me in! May be just the thing…..

  • Why did we not go to this yarn-and-wine place? Did we not know about it? Why did the Other Knitting Lush (P) not tell us?
    I am sure you didn’t leave that thing on the plane, have you really, really looked through the bag you were carrying? The one with all the yarny bits in? (I am assuming you have emptied the other one with dirty t-shirts and knickers in and washed said items, so it can’t be left in there). I just do not believe that you, a SEALK, would leave a recycled denim mitre behind. Anywhere.
    I took our cash Yen, spending money from the aborted Tokyo leg of our trip to the Embassy yesterday and they put it into their Japan Red Cross fund. We figured that as we were going to spend it in Japan it should still go there.
    x x x

  • The mitered squares are interesting. I’m guessing the quilted version is quicker to make. At least the stitching part, maybe not the quilting part.

  • Kay,
    I was very worried that I had been mitering without a license. The mitering police were coming for me and that I was gonna get whisked off to the knitting hoosegow!
    I am so relieved.
    Miter on!

  • The yarn shop in Twickenham, SW London is called Mrs Moon.
    Do have a peep at their website. On Thursday mornings the shop is full of knitting, chat and cake.

  • You continue to crank out some gorgeous mitered squares!

  • Wish I could join you for a G&T. That sounds so good right now.

  • after a night of wine who cares about mitered
    cross blankets just show me the way to go home
    i had a drink an hour ago and it went right
    to my head where ever i may roam just show me
    the way to go home its over there somewhere

  • Do you think if I called La Casita and asked really, really nicely they would change the class to Sunday night? Because I am in New York until Monday afternoon, at which time I fly back to the Great Frozen Tundra Of Wisconsin (which is actually mostly thawed right now). Yesterday I visited Knitty City and bought some souvenir yarn, but sadly, no Kay sighting.

  • Wish you’d come up to *my* area— We’d turn the local yarn shop into a wine bar for the occasion!!

  • I meant to say a couple more things:
    1) the randomness of your miters got nothing on the randomness of my miters
    2) although “jellyroll” makes me think of R-rated blues lyrics, I think I’m gonna have to try one myself – homemade from my own stash, that is. I’ve had this window open on my desktop for some time, eyeing those quilt blocks….

  • I was in a knitting shop in New Haven a while back and they were “test knitting” a pattern that they say is to be published in a NEW Mason-Dixon Knitting book. A) What is the pattern? and B) When will it be published? It was being knit (I believe) in Noro.

  • Mmmm– could go for a slice of jelly roll right now. But then I might get some on my knitting.

  • Who wouldn’t want to sip (do shooters) and knit? I may be late to the party on this one but knowing your fondness for the patchwork of things…http://www.knittingfever.com/c/noro/book/962/…and garter…

  • http://bencuevas.wordpress.com/2011/03/03/tasting-cultures-the-arts-of-latino-foodways/
    check out this knitted skeleton

  • This makes me want to get tons of quilt books out of the library for inspiration. They are all gorgeous, the knitted and the sewn crosses!

  • Congratulations on the money that you raised to help the relief fund in Japan. What a fabulous accomplishment!

  • I loved La Cassita when I was there last year. Such a welcoming group of gals and so talented.
    Hope you have fun.xxx

  • Robyn Josephs, thanks for the link to the knitted skeleton!
    And Kay, how did the Mitered Crosses Blanket Workshop go?