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  • Wow! I think I am the first voter! Go Tim Tams! And damn you, Target, for selling them to me…

  • Relevant to this discussion is the fact that Keebler has started making a Girl Scout Samoas knockoff: Coconut Dreams. It’s pretty darn similar. And available year-round.
    As for Samoas: the reason they are my clear choice should be clear from this picture. Any cookie that color-coordinates so well with yarn is destined to be the mascot of a knitting blog.

  • OK, so I made a mistake and voted 3 times, but I think you’ll forgive, at least, I hope so! Please?

  • I feel really irresponsible, voting without knowledge of all the contenders but…well…If I bring all these cookies in the house, I’ll have to stash more yarn because I’ll be a size or three bigger and there really isn’t room for yarn and cookies so I’m sticking just with yarn.
    Needed a fun diversion-thanks!

  • Whoa ho ho ho there a minute! Fig Newtons? Are you kidding me? Everyone knows Fig Newtons aren’t cookies, they are fruit and cake! What kind of flim flam joint is this?!

  • I just wish to say to any “Milano” voters that the cookie certainly was once one of the store bought “greats”. However, after a long hiatus, I purchased a bag last year. I was horrified to find that they had markedly reduced in size, and had also become very “sugary”, where they used to be “chocolatey”. I called in and reported my sad findings to the Pepperidge Farm people.
    Just saying.
    P.S.–I really like the new project, Ann.
    P.P.S.–Where did you all get such a delightfully esoteric assortment of store bought cookies to photograph?

  • FYI – Samoas are not always known as “Samoas.” When trying to purchase them from some Girl Scouts in another town a few years ago, the children looked at me like I was crazy when I told them that I would take two boxes of Samoas. One of their mothers knew what I meant, though, and happily sold me some “Caramel deLites.” Same box, same cookies, different name.

  • For any Thin Mint lovers out there, Keebler makes some cookies called Grasshoppers that pretty similar. What you do with this information is up to you.

  • I’m not trying to stir up controversy here. Really I’m not. But what is the deal with Thin Mints? I just don’t get the obsession with them. I mean, I like chocolate and mint, but TMs are hard and get stuck in my teeth and leave that nasty chocolate residue in one’s smile. I just don’t like ’em, and I cannot figure out why everyone is so insane about them.
    But I love the poll and can’t wait to see final results.

  • Great poll, and you came up with a pretty awesome list.

  • Who would have thought that one day we’d be voting something like this on a bi-regional knitting blog?
    You are making me hungry, BTW.

  • I am firmly of the opinion that “Kakor Chokladflarn” is a totally made up cookie with a totally made up name. The only way I will recant that opinion is if someone sends a crate of them to me. Yes, my vote can be bought.

  • Thanks for accommodating the Jaffa cakes! Much appreciated! Now I’m off to find a tim-tam …

  • I voted for McVities HobNob on the assumption that that includes the dark chocolate variety.

  • I think I vote that I need to get on it and try more varieties of cookies … I haven’t heard of half of these!

  • PF’s Milanos rule! (Mint really are the best variety, though…)

  • PF’s Milanos rule! (Mint really are the best variety, though…)

  • I do understand the decision to merge all Milanos into a single ballot entry, but I definitely feel that there is a difference between the orange/mint/raspberry Milanos and the regular chocolate ones. As in, I will go out of my way to eat the flavored ones and will skip the plain chocolate ones even if they are offered to me.

  • I voted for the Jammie Dodger, which is delicious. But I hereby incite a riot over the exclusion of Jaffa Cakes! *throws chair out window*

  • Personally, I would have found ALL OTHER COOKIES as the Official Cookie of MDK quite easy to rally around. I could have explained to my loved ones every time I took an extra cookie that I was really just supporting the nation’s leading bi-regional knitting blog by eating their Official Cookie.
    But voting is always fun. Go Double-Stuff!

  • While you said to only vote once, the top spot in each ballot is premarked. Only moves to a new space, doesn’t let me erase it, only move it. So each voter is casting 3 votes, one on each ballot. If they try or not.
    So I voted for my top 3, one on each ballot.

  • Had to vote for the only gluten free cookie on the list. Trader Joe meringues.

  • I was torn between the Carr’s Ginger Lemon Creme and the La Petite Ecolier –I went for the Carr’s but thought it was interesting that both cookies had exactly the same number of votes (at the time I voted).

  • I notice in viewing the voting results, my favorite, the Walker’s Shortbread, are running far ahead, which makes me smile. I sort of think that shortbread cookies are much like knitters themselves – they are sometimes slightly plain looking on the outside, but deliciously delightful in almost any social situation, with a secret wonderful-ness. And besides, a shortbread serves as a great fall-back cookie in a pinch, playes well with others, and we all know that we are the shortbreads of our friends’ lives.

  • I;’m certainly glad you explained about the three boxes, since I plowed through all of them to find the One and Only, Walker’s Shortbread. All the smart votes went there…

  • What the heck is a McVities Hob Nob????
    And although I’m a fan of Fig Newtons, I couldn’t vote for them because the are already an “official cookie” in my life — they are the official cookie of the University of Iowa History of Medicine Society and are served at all functions.

  • I voted for shortbread even though the shortbread cookie I nominated didn’t make the short list. Of course, I noticed the very high percentage for the Walker’s Shortbread and felt elated. Then I checked the numbers and realized that we have fallen behind both some cookie in the second list and Thin Mints!

  • I voted specifically for raspberry milanos, although double chocolate would be my second priority. Meanwhile I’m chagrined to discover that my moment of fame (aka actually being mentioned in a blog post) was marred by my inability to spell my own Ravname.

  • This is one hard core cookie survey! I’m a double stuff oreo all the way! It’s my weakness. with peanut butter! YUM… and a big giant glass of milk!

  • You know, I happen to work for the company that owns Archway. If the Frosted Lemon were to win, I might be able to, let’s say, “verify” their officialness to the blog.

  • I voted for the frosted animal cookies, as I think Olivia would look adorable in a similarly colored sweater. Though for those colors, I believe a tutu is required, which she may not agree to.

  • no stella d’oro or chips ahoy? Ann .. i love cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

  • A few notes: 1. the idea of limiting myself to one cookie is just about impossible (as long as there is chocolate involved) 2. I am willing to make exceptions for non-chocolate containing cookies in only two instances: fig newtons and nutter butters. (This may involve childhood nostalgia.) 3. I approve of the idea of random rules and distinctions, but I have to express the opinion that chocolate milanos are a top choice and the orange or raspberry flavored ones are inedible. Just sayin’.

  • I voted for chocolate-covered digestives, but really, it should be broken down into milk- and dark-chocolate-covered digestives. The milk are okay, but the dark? Heaven in my mouth!
    But there are chocolate-covered Hobnobs? Damn, why can’t I find them around here? (Although I guess I should be grateful, living in the USA as I do, that I can get ANY digestives…)

  • Still writing in Tate’s. There’s no way one tiny bakery in the Hamptons makes all those by hand and sells from “coast to coast” (I’m reading the back of the package right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • A knitting cookie surely must be the very Scandinavian “Anna’s” But the real knitting reason is that they are not greasy and you can easily pop the entire thing in your mouth at one time. No greasy fingers, no crumbs.

  • Chocolate Wafers should be availble to all people, I must pull all of my conections and get these cookies sold in forien markets.

  • I tried to vote for Oreos but the corrupt voting system said that my computer address already voted. That is a LIE. I demand a recount. Unless Oreos win anyway, and then I’ll just ride the heady wave of victory.
    Go-ooo-OOOH OREO! O!RE!O! O!Re!O!

  • Hey! Pepperidge Farm Chess Men aren’t on the ballot and I nominated them…okay, I was after the deadline, but still! I hate for other knitters to miss out on their wonderfulness just because I was tardy!

  • Oh, rats! And on Monday I began (one more time) to write down everything that goes in my face. I can’t even bear to look at the list …
    Knitters, eat a cookie for me, please.

  • now if only one vote is allowed why is it that I cannot “unvote” the first three cookies on each list? Mianos rule nuf said

    ๐Ÿ™‚ i cannot wait to see what the final results are… i’ll be sitting at my desk, with a tall glass of cold milk, awaiting the results. YAY!

  • Tim Tams, Tim Tams, Tim Tams….just love to say it and sooooo glad to see they made the list.

  • Many of these must be East Coast cookies as I’ve never seen them here in Albuquerque. But I vote for Le Petite Ecolier— Le Petite Beurre. They are great if you need a sweet hit, yet are only 20 calories each! How cool is that?!!!

  • Little School Boy / Le Petit Ecolier ALL THE WAY.

  • I.will.NOT.taste.test. I’m on a cleanse. HOWEVER, I did vote, as is my civic duty.

  • Amy S, I feel the same way about Gaucho’s. I don’t think they still make them, but they r a different shaped nutter butter type cookie and I loved them (but I still voted for triple Ginger snaps!)

  • Having to choose between Hob Nobs and Tim Tams not only made me sob a little, but prompted a wary eye from family as I muttered “Hob Nobs/Tim Tams… Hob Nobs/Tim Tams…” over and over.

  • Ooey Gooey rich and chewy inside
    Golden Cakey Tender Flaky outside
    Wrap the inside in the outside
    And it’s a big Fig Newton…
    Okay here’s the tricky part…One more time…
    Wrap the inside in the outside
    And it’s a big Fig Newton…
    (roughly remembered)

  • Looks like consolidating Milanos and splitting Oreos robbed Oreos of the vote.

  • I forgot to mention the single greatest cookie in the entire world: Borders Dark Chocolate Gingers. They have the balance of chocolate and ginger and crunch down to perfection.
    And when I googled it so I could post it here, I discovered they can be ordered on Amazon.
    My happiness is complete.

  • Wow, did this list make me CRAVE a Vienna Finger, dipped in milk. Sigh. Must find cookie…

  • I know way too much about all those cookies, though I consider that a reflection of me being a woman of a certain age, not that I eat cookies all the time. Except Oreos. The perfect cookie. Except for anything (without ginger) homemade (wisely declared beyond base campaigning. Like the royal family). Better group activity since the great knitted animal/chicken/taxidermy post. Thing.

  • My favorite isn’t on the list; probably unknown to most people. It’s Crawford’s Garabaldi biscuits. I send to the British Tea Shop for them. They are flat with currants, perforated. I grew up on Sunshine biscuits like these, but they stopped making them and these are the only ones I can find. Not too sweet; perfect with milk or tea. Not that there’s anything wrong with most of the cookies on your list.

  • i think we should let cookie monster
    be the judge and give out the results

  • Could Crawford’s Garabaldi biscuits be Squashed Fly biscuits? Squashed Fly biscuits should certainly be included, if only for their name. Also, they are good.

  • I think all of us knitters can master the beautiful Nutella swoop technique to create these lovely cookie treats from Steamy Kitchen.
    How easy is that?

  • Before the Celiac Disease diagnosis Le Petit Ecolier were my hands down favorite so I voted for them even though I can’t eat them anymore. Don’t feel sorry for me though…Anheuser Busch now makes a gluten-free beer so I can drown my sorrows.

  • Well, Mason Dixon wins the International Awareness Award for raising the issue of availability! And no, I can’t get quite a few of these, although you never know when a given item is going to show up in a Doha supermarket (I’ve heard there are phone chains to spread the word about pumpkin pie filling and other specific ingredients, particularly those integral to holiday baking.)
    Girl Scout cookies are what I miss, though. Call it nostalgia, but I think Thin Mints are getting my vote.
    (I was befuddled by the pre-selected options on the 3 lists, too – but I reckon if you don’t click Vote, the vote doesn’t go through on that list. Some of us need time to figure out these online teckno thingies…)

  • Hey Linda with Celiac- Our 10 year old has Celiac so I know TONS of GF cookies(he was diagnosed years ago- Type One also. I’m a font of info…). kt at the eislers dot com
    And did you know that crunchy regular cheetos are GF? To go along with your GF beer. Just saying….
    Peace to your small intestine ๐Ÿ™‚
    xoxo- KT

  • Those of you who have not tried Carr’s Ginger Lemon Cremes, I and the angels weep for you.

  • Yes, Tim Tims! And please, the uninitiated must google “Tim Tam slam” immediately, to understand that this isn’t just a cookie, it’s an event!

  • Can’t find the ballot. Oatmeal is my vote. Dad

  • This was a tough one; my initial choice was the Girl Scout Thin Mint, but I have to consider the fact that eating anything chocolate-covered WHILE knitting can be hazardous, hence I went with the Lorna Doone. Simple, sweet, easy, not TOO crumbly, but still crisp. Bon Appetit!!

  • I saw “Lemon Hydrox” on the list and got excited! I thought Hydrox cookies are not made anymore, but I’ve never heard of a lemon one anyway. I would love to know where to get a Hydrox cookie.

  • OK… I too don’t get the Thin Mints thing.
    Guess I’m not genetically disposed to like mint in anything other than julep or toothpaste form and so I never got whatever it is everyone else seems to get from Girl Scout Thin Mints which I think are, in a word, BLECK.
    I could have a box of them in my house for ten years and never once think of cracking it open.
    But Digestivess… chocolate covered or not…are another story.. as are Vienna Fingers, Lorna Doone’s and several others on your incredibly expansive list.

  • Did you know that you can purchase Girl Scout cookies year round at your local Girl Scout Council Headquarters? Yes, you can get your fix any time you want, you just have to be willing to get in your car and make an extra stop. You can credit your purchase to your favorite local troop, too, because even purchases at the council offices are still fundraisers, even if a girl in a uniform doesn’t come knocking on your door.