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  • Thin Mints. Out of the freezer. Go find your favorite girl scout and buy some!

  • I’m seconding the Thin Mints. A truly awesome cookie. So awesome that I hoard them in my freezer, which people laugh at, but I’m 35 weeks pregnant now and I have cookie STASH, so who’s laughing now??? Eat those Thin Mints by the sleeve…

  • hmhmhmhm…I am thinking of a cookie yo can eat while sipping tea and knitting, so would forgoe the true chocolate ones (milano, thin mint, those chocolate covered stars at Trader Joes at CHristmas that are little shortbread miracles) and therefore nominate the Oreo Fudgee.

  • Thin mints are excellent, but so are double stuff Oreos.
    So, I have to go with Milanos.

  • Famous Amos chocolate chip

  • Mmmmm…Thin Mints, Mint Milanos, Double Stuff Oreos…the things dreams are made of
    But, I have to cast my vote for Nutter Butters – and now I am off to CVS to get a package 🙂

  • Anyone remember Sunshine Raisin cookies? Once Keebler bought them out, that was the end of the cookie. Old childhood favorite …
    contemporary cookie: an Oreo?
    Next can we do favorite teas? PG Tips, anyone? or Yorkshire?

  • How about Newman’s Own Ginger-Os? I love the mint ones, too, but not everyone digs the chocolate/mint combo (although I cannot fathom why not!) . . .

  • Pepperidge Farm Milanos — any and all flavor fillings. There’s no mistake you make in your knitting that won’t be easier to fix if you eat a few Milanos (or an entire package of Milanos) first. Also, Milanos and white wine are a great combo.
    Leslie, in beautiful and snow-covered Bucks County, PA.

  • Jaffa Cakes!

  • Those Pepperidge Farm holy-cow-these-are-huge chocolate chip macadamia nut thingies. Hands down. I mean, I like a good Nutter Butter like anyone else, and I could down an entire package of Fig Newtons (the figgy ones, not those heinous new strawberry things) without blinking an eye or heading for the loo, but dude. Chocolate chips and macadamia nuts. HUGE. Big coffee with them and it’s a done deal.

  • Oreos are it, for me.

  • Without a doubt, my vote would be Archway Frosted Lemon Cookies (I think that’s the official name – my official name for them is Those Archway Lemon Cookies that I like so much). Sadly, my local Piggly Wiggly stopped carrying them. So now, I stock up everytime I go to Publix and they must be the official cookie of lots of other people too since they seem to have a hard time keeping them in stock.

  • Thin mints. Definitely thin mints.

  • I kinda like the Pepperidge Farm gingerman cookies. Something about the big sugar crystals and the slight gingery snap goes will with a cuppa, imo.
    If we’re going for best cookies eaten en masse while leaning over the sink, then Oreo all the way.

  • I’ll go with Pirouette Cookies: http://www.pepperidgefarm.com/ProductDetail.aspx?catID=734
    Perfect with a hot drink or any other kind of drink. In our house we refer to them as “death sticks” and this makes them even more fun in our opinion. One kid will sidle up to another and say, “Wanna buy some death sticks?”

  • Ooooh. Almond Roca. Samoas by the girl scouts. Mint Milanos. Other ones I can’t think of because my brain is broken this morning.

  • Fresh Market’s Kitchen Sink cookies. Enough said.

  • I’m with the milanos crowd. I like the classic chocolate filled ones though. Perfect with a cup of Earl Grey!

  • PF Milanos make my knees weak…..

  • A cup of Early Grey and some Lorna Doones. That’s a good mix for an afternoon of knitting, sipping, and crunching. Walker’s shortbread could also be in the running. It’s the butter, right?

  • I second the Archway Lemon cookies! So so good.
    Also would like to cast a vote for Mallomars, but are those regional? Anyone know?
    But Milanos are awesome. So I’m voting for all 3.

  • I gotta agree with Pepperidge Farms Milanos. So classy. Also could easily go with Walker’s Shortbread, when just a little sweet will do.

  • I’m going to suggest Pepperidge Farms Brussels, which are basically Milanos, but round, and with a better crunch.
    They’re the garter stitch of cookies. You can dress them up, dress them down, bring them to a party, or eat the whole bag while watching movies on the couch in your sweats. (OR SO I HAVE BEEN TOLD.)

  • Mason-Dixon? Sheesh. Moon Pies! 🙂

  • Oreos.

  • Newman O’s in the flavor of Ginger O’s. Which, as I just saw, are available by the case over at Amazon…

  • Oreos – still have a soft spot for them.

  • Trader Joe’s triple ginger snaps. Hands down.
    Otherwise, anything shortbread.

  • Tim Tams – they are as compulsive as garter stitch.

  • Either “Pepperidge Farm holy-cow-these-are-huge chocolate chip macadamia nut thingies.” or Walkers Shortbread. In a pinch, Pecan Sandies can sub for the Shortbread.

  • Walker’s Shortbread, hands down. Or hands up to mouth, as the case may be.

  • Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joe’s Os. Chocolate cookies sandwiched with peppermint cream (including very small bits of crushed candy cane). Sublime!

  • Vienna Fingers. Classic. Ladylike. Good with tea. Bad for you. So very MDK.

  • Trader Joe’s Meringues –
    We call them Angel Farts, because they’re … never mind. (If you can’t deal with calling them Angel Farts, try Pets d’anges – which is the same thing, but in French.)
    TJs also makes chocolate chip angel farts – which are just as heavenly, but just WRONG (thinking about the whole Fart thing) Endless giggling!

  • Choco Leibniz, a plain butter biscuit coated in chocolate.

  • Trader Joe’s Chocolate Almond Horns. Marzipan and chocolate – how could it be wrong.

  • I’m voting for oreos. I’d be all specific, but any old oreos will do. Frozen are nice, dunked in milk are great, twisted and eaten from the middle out is always an option.

  • Anything pepperidge farm or girl scout will do. Nutter butters and pecan sandies are great. I wouldn’t be a bit sad if the winner was one of the above, but oreos? They just never did it for me. The best though (and they may not count… does time-in-oven disqualify?) are Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies (from store-bought dough, of course). If not, Soft Batch warmed in the microwave come in second. My vote should only carry a little weight, I’m mostly a brownie, pie, and cake woman.

  • Walker’s Shortbread cookies, because the packaging makes them look Scottish (and I think we would all agree that Scotland is a rather woolly place), and there’s no chocolate to be inadvertently transferred to one’s knitting. NOT THAT THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE, COUGH COUGH.

  • I vote for Pepperidge Farm anything….

  • Samoas, from the Girl Scouts. I think they might now be called Caramel Delights or something, but they’re so, so good.

  • Life is short so why limit yourself to just one cookie? Consider a cookie of the month, or the week, with others thrown in for holidays.

  • Absolutely, hands-down, it’s those little frosted animal cookies with the sprinkles that come in big sacks. Pink or white, take your pick, and once you’ve had one, you WILL eat the entire bag. Fastest transport back to childhood cannot be found.

  • Le Petit Ecolier or any type of shortbread – very good with a pot of tea.

  • Ahh, yes our favorites are the Pepperidge Farm Milanos, they go with everything–coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk, etc. 2nd place goes to oreos, I think I’ll go have one right now!

  • TimTams.
    They are originally Australian, but recently they have been showing up at my (American) grocery store under the Pepperidge Farm marque. Oh bliss! They are chocolate incarnate: a sandwich of chocolate cookies around chocolate filling, with the whole thing dipped in chocolate. It sounds like overkill, but trust me, it really isn’t.

  • Definitly Moravian Ginger Spice cookies, available at moraviancookes.com. They’re incredibly thin, which means you can eat more! I like them with hot tea. Also, they do not leave any kind of residue on your fingers, so they’re good while knitting.

  • I’ll just have to vote for the Keebler Soft Batch Chocolate Chip cookie. Put a nice little pile of them on a napkin – toss them in the microwave or in the oven and that taste (almost) as good as homemade.

  • Caramel Delights (or Samoas) the delish Girl Scout cookie with caramel, chocolate and coconut.

  • MILANOS!!!

  • For a humble, yet decadent cookie I nominate the no-name brand caramel coconut cookies. Apparently the Girl Scouts sell a version called Samoas, but I’ve never tried them. The no-name ones are cheap and cheerful.

  • Definitely Walker’s Shortbread cookies. Love the buttery flavor!

  • Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. Not sure if they’re widely available but they ARE store bought. They just don’t taste like they are. They’re very thin so, by my calculations, you can eat, oh, eight at one sitting and not feel at all bad about it.

  • I think the Mallomar is absolute bliss. It has served me well in times of joy and sorrow. I guarantee this cookie to bring you happiness.

  • I just ordered my Thin Mints yesterday from a friendly Girl Scout so that is my choice for Official Cookie of MDK. And it looks like a lot of others like them too!

  • I can’t really comment* but suggest – next time your Edinburgh (or other UK) friends are over ask them to bring you some Chocolate Hob Nobs (they come in Milk and Dark) – oaty, crumbly choclate biscuit heaven. Really. :o)
    *On that entire shelf I only recognise Oreos and those Mikado stick things…cookies seem to have passed me by on my trips over the Atlantic

  • Oreo! Plain, single stuff, regular old (but fresh) OREOs! Yum.

  • It has to be Oreos. Start with a full bag of Oreo cookies. Gently twist the two halves so that most of the white filling remains on one of the halves. Next you slowly scrape off the filling with your upper front teeth. Go slow here so it lasts longer. After the filling is completely consumed you dip the halves, one at a time, in a glass of cold, cold milk, allow to slightly soften, and savor the softened cookie. Steps can be repeated until the Oreos are gone or the milk is chocolate, whichever occurs first.

  • My personal cookie favorite is of course the Oreo. However for the Official Cookie of Mason-Dixon Knitting, I think it should be something with history, such as the Ginger Snap or even. . .Moon Pies? http://www.memphisflyer.com/memphis/the-book-on-moonpies/Content?oid=1130407
    Who knew they had such a history? Not me until just now, however they’re worth considering!

  • LU cinammon spice cookies are beyond amazing.

  • Grace’s Best Sunflowe Seed Cookies. Can’t stop. Eating. Them. Ever.

  • Nutter Butters!

  • Thin Mints [with a side of vanilla bean ice cream]. Mmmm. Needless to say, my new BFF Jenny Craig does not agree, but I bet Kirstie Alley does!.

  • Yum! I love Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s, from Trader Joes. I stole some last time I was house sitting someone’s place and their cat.

  • I want your cookie aisle – although it looks very European – is it really yours?
    I vote for anything Pepperidge Farm except the really large ones. Not necessarily my favorite cookies, although they are all great, but as an official MDK cookie, they need to not make crumbs or get chocolate on the knitting. Moon Pies melt, Oreos require both hands (and a glass of milk) to eat, and the large PF crumble. Milanos, Brussels, and Bordeaux – one bite, no mess!

  • Bahlsen Choco Leibniz, dark chocolate variety. But I freely admit that for consumption while tea drinking and knitting Moravian cookies are tough to beat.

  • For Girl Scout cookies, it HAS to be the Tagalongs, you know the chocolate and peanut butter ones. Yum. Otherwise, Voortman’s almond cookies. So light and so good!

  • The dark chocolate Petit Ecolier, although the hazelnut or milk chocolate variety will do in a pinch.

  • I did not read the other votes before I decided my store cookie favorite. Well I still will go with Milano cookies. I can’t buy them I would eat the entire bag…..

  • Pecan Sandies. Love that salty/sweet charge.
    Also love the Thin Mints but couldn’t survive on Thin Mints alone, and could probably be cast away for at least a decade with sufficient quantity of Pecan Sandies.
    Is the essence of a Pecan Sandy just shortbread? Crappy industrial shortbread (but you say that like it’s a BAD thing)?
    The old Girl Scout Scot Teas were my all-time fave in this category, RIP Scot Teas. Their replacement tastes too much like Crisco but I still eat a few sleeves every year for old times’ sake.
    For a Camp Fire Girl (WoHeLo my sisters!) I am pretty affectionate about the Girl Scout classic cookies.
    I also love those cheapo store brand of frosted cookies found in lots of supermarkets, usually the frosting is pink or yellow, the cookies are kind of white & cakey. (Eggplant gave us boxes of them once in Portland–I loved her already but really fell then.) So sweet they make your teeth hurt. ADORE.

  • Also, IKEA has a cookie called Kakor Chokladflarn that is to die for. Crispy wafers that sort of taste like cracker jack with chocolate in the middle. sigh.

  • Anna’s Thin Gingerbread Cookies cannot be beat! Dunked in the hot beverage of your choice, of course! gingerbread love….

  • Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger cookies. They’re tasty, and small, so you can eat 6 or so at a time.

  • Chocolate covered digestives. Perfection.
    Of course, you run the risk of getting chocolate on your knitting, so one must take care while eating.

  • While I am partial to Oreo’s and Pepperidge Farm Milanos, my vote is for Lorna Doone’s Shortbread cookies. You can eat them without leaving tell tale chocolate evidence in your teeth (or on your knitting). And they are perfect with a cup of tea.

  • pepperidge farm mint milanos!

  • Milano – Double chocolate – made by oeppridge farms (I think).

  • official cookies: Good old American chocolate chip.
    unofficial: lebkuchen gets my vote
    So I looked into the oblaten more. I was right about my guess of it being a communion wafer. Found out the cookies were first created by monks and “Lebkuchen dough is usually placed on a thin wafer base called Oblate. This was an idea of the monks, who used unleavened communion wafer ingredients to prevent the dough from sticking.” No nonstick pans in those days.

  • TIM TAMS! (not the pepperidge farm ones, those are impostors) These are worthy of MDK fame as they are perfect for knitters who drink hot beverages and/or knitters who love chocolate (I think that covers just about everyone).
    A Tim Tam Slam! is the best way to take a nice break from your knitting adventures, especially after you’ve realized that you miscounted your stitches again.
    (also, perhaps if knitters started buying Tim Tams from Australia, then it might help some flood victims? maybe?)

  • In keeping with the loved Mason-Dixon feel of general unfussy yet buttery goodness, it’s gotta be Walker’s Shortbread.

  • It’s brilliant to choose a store-bought cookie for the poll since mileage can vary so widely with the homemade ones. I’m going with Nabisco Nutter Butter sandwich cookies for the Official Cookie of Mason-Dixon Knitting because they’re two-sided, sweet, and nutty. I think they embody MDK in a nutshell. *nudge, nudge* Get it? (sorry for the pun. it slipped out.)

  • Carr’s Ginger Lemon Cremes!

  • So many delicious suggestions, but I second the vote for Hob Nobs. It’s a delicious cookie (biscuit) created in the land of fabulous wool, as well as what goes on at MDK every day!

  • I say Thin Mints as well. I know you can’t buy them IN the grocery store, but in few weeks here in Houston you will be able to get them from a friendly Girl Scout OUTSIDE the store.

  • I’m voting for lemon hydrox. Lookit the evidence:
    1. Two crisp layers connected by sweet yet tart lemon filling (a friendship built on sass).
    2. They’re a little low-class, but we love to eat them anyway. (Good lord, please know that I mean that in the best possible way.)
    3. Fairly monochromatic in color, like all your favorite log-cabin blankets.
    4. Not a fancy brand, by they dress up real nice (china plate, cup of good tea).

  • Trader Joe’s Peppermint Jo-Jo’s. Even more special when they’re chocolate covered Peppermint Jo-Jo’s. Mmmmmmm.

  • Double Stuff mint Oreos

  • Thin Mints in frozen condition.
    If Girl Scout cookies aren’t in the running, then I’ll vote for the Pepperidge Farm chocolate chip cookies with pecans.

  • I vote for McVities- Hob Nobs. Love them! A great cookie with tea and knitting.

  • I think the Girl Scout cookies could be an entirely seperate poll, because they’re only available for a limited time. Favorite girl scout cookie-Tagalongs (cookie, peanut butter, chocolate).
    Favorite store bought cookie-Keebler French Vanilla Cremes. Even more so if you pick up the generic version at Dollar Tree. Or ‘Nilla Wafers but that must be the name brand, generic doesn’t cut it.

  • Lu’s Bastogne. Crisp, sweet, an almost bit of cinnamon.
    They’re like a candied cookie, but if you eat too many too fast, you can get scratches on the roof of your mouth.
    Mothers’ Taffy. A sandwich cookie, a crowd pleaser, great for kids, grand dads, and real people, too.
    But both of these have not enough je ne sais quoi. Insouciance? Zing?
    Gotta be the Thin Mint. It’s all about MDK readers: We all wait for it too show up, and know that we can go to the freezer/archives when you two aren’t conforming to our (relentless) demands.

  • I fourth (or fifth, or seventh, lost count) Tim Tams, particularly the caramel ones. How are they like MDK? They’re bitchin’.

  • Fudge covered Oreos, frozen.

  • btw, what nationality is that cookie aisle picture? is it an international district?

  • Little Chocolate Schoolboys, yum
    (Le Petit Ecolier, dark chocolate)

  • Oreos!

  • Le Petit Ecolier, Little Schoolboy Cookies (sounds perverted…..) from LU
    All flavors, especially the dark chocolate!!!

  • Pepperidge Farm Gingerman and/or PF Ginger Family

  • Aside from Jaffa Cakes (food of the gods, but officially a cake, not a biscuit – McVities V. Inland Revenue a few years back over a tax issue), and the Ambrosia that is Dark Chocolate Hob Nobs(be still my beating heart, mind you it might be eating too many of them)….
    I might have to go for Tim Tams on reputation alone if they’re the ones the Aussies do the ‘bite opposite corners off and suck your tea through’ thing with. Takes biscuit dunking (something Brits are very fond of) to a whole new level. And the Aussies need a bit of cheer at the moment given that apart from the truly awful floods even their cricket team have given up.
    But then are biscuits the same as cookies? Ann, you may have opened a whole can of worms here. B x x x
    ps – I have no idea what a Thin Mint is (unless it’s an After Eight, but they’re sweets, not biscuits or cookies) but it’s sounding good.

  • While I like Thin Mints like the rest, I have to add Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joe-Joe’s. It’s an Oreo with CANDY CANE filling. They are seasonal, so I go in, and I kid you not, buy 6 to 8 boxes and ration them out through the year.

  • Jammie Dodgers……nothing says being a knitter than the latest Rowan publication and some Jammie Dodgers. They have such a splendid name!!!

  • I’m for Fig Newtons because their figgy superiority is often overlooked.

  • I am going to go for either Oreo’s. I was going to go with these ginger cookies that are shaped like windmills with almonds on them that my Grandmother uses to serve when I was a kid, but I don’t remember their name.

  • Okay, I’m good with the Fig Newtons, Lorna Doones and Nilla Wafers (generic is okay with me). But no one mentioned Keebler Fudge Stripes. I could seriously eat a whole package of those. We used to put them on our fingers so they looked like sombreros. Well, I did anyway.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still love me some Oreos, but that’s almost to easy, isn’t it? The Trader Joe’s version is really good, too – no trans fat AND vanilla bean specs in the filling. Are the peppermint ones seasonal? Have I missed them??

  • Jammy Dodgers! LOL! It’s not just a joke in ‘Flushed Away!’
    Would make you 2 fresh Bear Paw – Hermit cookies any day of the year!! xoxoxo

  • Le petit ecolier the dark chocolate variety, they are delicious and kind of creepy the way the kid looks up at you from the big chunk o chocolate on top of the crisp biscuit. yummy

  • Why have just one official cookie? I like different ones on different days. Golden Oreos, Anna’s crisp, thin orange cookies, Keebler’s Pecan Sandies, Dutch windmill cookies that never get too stale to enjoy, Fig Newtons for those rare excursions into almost healthy pleasure.

  • I think the cookie should be one that’s available globally, or near-globally, as delicious as Tim Hobs and Tam Nobs sound. That way we can all sit at our computers together with coffee or tea, dripping crumbs in our keyboards AND our knitting! : )
    So…has Pepperidge Farm achieved global domination yet? If it has, I also vote for Milanos, as that gives multiple flavor choices. (Sometimes I go mint, sometimes plain, and occasionally, orange.)

  • Thin Mints. Girl Scout cookie season starts Saturday!

  • I’m going with Oreos. The regular, not the double/triple/whatever stuff. The originals have the perfect proportion of chocolate cookie to sweet white filling. And there are just so many ways to eat them: dunk, whole, pull apart and eat the white filling then the chocolate cookies, pull apart eat the half with the white filling then the chocolate cookie part etc.

  • Mallomars—Is it a cookie? Is it a marshmallow? AND you can microwave them and they get all smooshy/chocolatey/yummy….
    AND they don’t get stale….I think they have a 100 year shelf life…

  • Knitting, tea and Hob Nobs for me, please.

  • I’m voting for Walker’s Shortbreads!

  • I vote for Fig Newtons while knitting. They don’t have chocolate to get on your knitting, and since they are bite sized, you don’t get crumbs in everything either.

  • Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered peppermint Joe-Joes.
    Disadvantage: they are only available starting around Thanksgiving and are always sold out within a couple of weeks, so you can only stuff yourself a few times before they are gone for another year.
    Advantage: they are only available starting around Thanksgiving and are always sold out within a couple of weeks, so you can only stuff yourself a few times before they are gone for another year.

  • Having never met a cookie I didn’t like, my vote is for Pecan Sandies—whoever mentioned that combination of salty/sweet is right, but they forgot to mention all the fat. (!) That said, I would never turn down an Oreo or a Nutter Butter, either.

  • I would suggest Pepperidge Farm’s Chessman. They are shortbread, which is a very English biscuit. If my reasoning is accurate, then it should be right up the Rowanette’s alley!

  • I nominate Pepperidge Farm Brussels. They taste exotic and special, but are found everywhere. So yum.

  • The Mint Milano!

  • Little Schoolboys, anyone? Not the least because it’s fun to say, “Mmmm I looove those Little Schoolboys”.
    ps but only the dark chocolate original ones
    pps I hate you, now I’m craving cookies.

  • Moon Pies, of course!

  • Oreos! I mean, c’mon- they’re even frot-and-center in the pic above- it’s obviously a sign. Or someone’s trying to skew the vote. Either one.

  • Wafer Cookies. You know the crisp waffle looking cookies that are long rectangles with cream filling sandwiched in between. They come in plain vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Lovely with ice cream or tea, or knitting. Made by numerous brands, you can buy house brand wafer cookies at many stores and Keebler makes some too. They are light and crispy and not very filling so one eat a whole package faster than you can knit a garter stitch log for a log cabin blanket.

  • Walker shortbread because it’s so rich you can only eat one!

  • Oreos.
    So accessible, yet so yummy. They’ve stood the test of time. Classy, but not uppity. So versatile. They can be plain. Or they can be jazzed up with different colored fillings, double fillings, coated in white chocolate, milk chocolate.

  • Newman’s Own Ginger-Os. I think that’s the official store bought cookie of my house.

  • Nutter Butters. The wafer thins one with the pockets of peanutty goodness.

  • I think if you could try them you would agree that Arnotts Tim Tams (from australia) are the best cookies (biscuits) ever. bite off diagonal corners and sip coffee through the biccy or just eat them, delicious. If you want a packet, just let me know, I have posted them to US peeps before, but beware, they are very addictive!
    ps do an image search too!

  • Famous Chocolate Wafers: http://www.amazon.com/Famous-Chocolate-Wafers-9-Ounce-Boxes/dp/B000FA38ZE
    Not just for refrigerator cake–they make great ice cream sandwiches, too. And I could snack on Amazon’s entire pack of 12 9-oz. boxes.

  • I’m a chocolate fan myself, but if we’re talking about cookies while knitting, perhaps chocolate is out of the running. I do like the idea of something as international as possible which might put Walker’s Shortbread up there. But…
    How about animal crackers?

  • I love Hobnobs, the plain are good, but the ones with chocolate on the top are the best.

  • Raw toll-house straight from the tube?
    If stored behind the celery in the crisper, no one in the house will even know there are “cookies”

  • i can’t find them anywhere anymore but did anyone besides me love Brown-Edge Wafers. They were the best!
    (runners up of course the original pecan sandies when they were a gritty delicious cookie, not the keebler buy out mess now; the sunshine raisin cookie that we always called Squashed Fly Biscuits).

  • Archway Gingerbread Men — the best.

  • I’m with Audrey-lemon ginger creams are the favorite in this house.

  • I’m so glad to hear this was a cookie aisle in the Netherlands. I was thinking, “We can SO NOT GET Milka cookies Up North… And I’ll bet they’re GREAT!” Hmm, maybe they can get them in Holland, Michigan?! I sense a road trip.
    OK, since I don’t know if the Milka cookies are obtainable, I cast my vote for Bahlsen’s Dark Choco Leibniz cookies. They’re great!

  • Lorna Doones! Or off-brand shortbread cookies!

  • My first thought was mallomars, followed by a close second of Hob Nobs. Unforunatly I don’t think either meet the requirements of the MDK cookie. A Cookie which you should be able to consume while knitting, without too much fuss. So, chocolate coating- out, crumbs- way out. That brings me to the prefect knitting cookie that someone bought and brought to our knitting group last Sunday. They were chewy and chocolaty and dunkable and all around fabulous. But I can’t remember where they came from. I have sent out an inquiry and am hoping to soon have a name for the official MDK cookie.

  • Am I the only person who appreciates the true wonder that is the Chocolate Waffer? All the goodness of Chocolate without any of the mess. So affordable, yet so good. Just about every event of my life is puncuated by eating a Chocolate Waffer. I’m off to go write a poem about why Chocolate Waffers are the cookie of the gods.
    I like the whole pole Idea, but I did think that Moon Pies were the Offical cookie of Mason-Dixon Knitting, or were they the Offical pie?

  • Smoeltje’s! I vote for Smoeltje’s!
    Netherlands’ #1 Smoelt-based cookie!

  • Trader Joe’s gets one cookie right – Peppermint JoJo’s. Covered in chocolate is even better!

  • I’m with the Lorna Doones crowd – no chocolate to leave behind; they are great with either tea or coffee; they sound Scottish (again, the great wool & patterns, etc.) and they are easily attainable.

  • milano cookies by prep farm

  • 143 comments about cookies?
    I think for knitting, one needs a sort of solid cookie, not a crumbly thing. Also, no goo … too messy. And store-bought chocolate chip cookies are generally terrible. Wow, this is hard! {throws up her hands and walks away}

  • I vote for Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chunk,Milk
    Medford, MA

  • Whole Wheat Fig Bars from the bulk aisle at grocery stores. YUM! (I tell myself they’re good for me.)

  • Best cookie = Pepperidge Farms Brussels cookie, with a smear of Hazelnut butter.
    Try it. Go ahead, you know you want to. With tea. Or coffee. Just take a bite…

  • My vote goes to Trader Joe’s thumbnail butter cookies with either fruit filling or chocolate filling.
    Perfect with TEA!

  • GIRL SCOUT SAMOAS = love! I just bought 5 boxes from the neighbor girl!

  • Newman’s Ginger-O’s or Chocolate HobNobs.

  • I vote for the Triple Ginger Cookie from Trader Joe’s…in keeping with the whole ginger theme!

  • It is a toss up between Double Stuff Oreo and Pecan Sandies. Of course Oreos require bananas and Sandies require a cup of Constant Comment tea. Maybe a tea poll also??

  • oreos!

  • Girl Scout Cookies! Which just happen to be available for pre-sale through this Friday – scrounge up a Girl Scout and help her get to 175 boxes of cookies – you know you need cookies to eat now and then some to stash in the freezer – buy BIG!

  • Pepperidge Farm Milanos!

  • Le petit ecolier, dark chocolate. Yum. Or Walker’s shortbread. Yum Yum. Either one would go with the oh-so-European-flair so often found in your projects.
    Not Oreo’s. At least pick something that tastes like a real flavor.

  • I agree with those who want GS cookies on a separate poll. Even if I buy lots and put them in the freezer, they disappear long before next GS cookie season. An Official Cookie should be one you can get anywhere, anytime. Something sweet but not disgusting, full-bodied, not crumbly, something you can either put in your mouth whole or bite in half and put down without worrying about crumbs falling out of your mouth and onto your knitting. It should be a cookie that fills you up fairly quickly, so you don’t go through a whole box/bag before you’ve even finished a swatch.
    They can even be considered healthy! And they aren’t terribly expensive, so you don’t have to make a choice between cookies and yarn.

  • PIM’s – discovered while on vacation in Paris, made in Belgium and available in Tennessee Wal-Marts!
    Package reads – “Tangy raspberry flavored filling, soft sweet biscuit and smooth European chocolaty topping. Pim’s will charm you with every bite!”
    Also available with orange filling

  • I have to go with Oreo Cookies!! they are messy and completely… well, fatteneing and void of nutritional value.. so the only time you should eat them is when you are knee deep in a knitting project when you don’t even notice how many you’ve shoved in!!! I know I’ve heard one of you two mention how much you love Cheetos while knitting – and I knew I had found kindred spirits… It doesn’t make any sense to eat Cheetos while knitting, but somehow it works… so my vote is for Oreo… the cookies I won’t buy but maybe once a year during a week moment…

  • Crispy, buttery Walkers Shortbread. They are what a cookie is to me! They leave all other cookies in the dust!

  • Nonni’s biscotti (http://www.nonnis.com/)!!

  • Pepperidge Farm’s Mint Milano

  • Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano!

  • You know, it was this first act of cruelty by MDK that prompts me to post. You KNOW we are all on a diet right now. Kale and coconut water over here. I visit the site as a diversion, now your asking me to think about cookies while spinning and blotting my kale dry before I make it into chips. The question is a no brainer anyway: Mint Milanos.

  • Pepperidge Farms Bordeaux.

  • Pepperidge Farms Milanos, one bag please.
    Janice in Southeastern WI

  • Mallomars, of course

  • Double Stuf Oreos! The first and best of the new oreo brands. Apply one glass of milk and enjoy!

  • Ummm, HAS to be Girl Scouts Thin Mints. I CANNOT walk past a cute little face trying to see me the crack in a green box. I cave EVERY time.

  • Pepperidge Farm’s Mint Milano

  • Girl Scout Cookies, Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Oreo Cookies….
    Darn you, Ann! Now I can’t even think straight! How can I even nominate a cookie without first buying them all and making a concerted effort at a taste test? I think voting will have to remain open until I can run to the store.

  • Thin mints.

  • Nabisco gingersnaps. About a week after you open the bag they turn ever so slightly chewy and stick to your back teeth, nourishing you for a long time as they slowly dissolve. I would vote for thin mints but they are only available at certain seasons and I knit year round.

  • Walker’s Shortbread = sticks of butter. Yum! Lorna Doone’s make a good alternative.
    Obviously, Girl Scout Thin Mints are non-negotiable while knitting. It just can’t happen. So, Mint Milanos are a good alternative.

  • Milk Chocolate Tim Tams!
    Cadbury fingers close second.
    or maybe Chips Ahoy – only with a cold glass of milk for dunking.
    Althought chocolate isn’t really yarn friendly.
    Walker’s shortbread?
    more research!

  • I love Lorna Doones with my tea! I can eat a caseload!

  • I’m torn between Ginger-O’s (indulgent) and plain old ginger snaps in the brown bag (completely justifiable, even if you eat 5 or 6 of them).

  • Moon Pies, of course!

  • I would have to go with the Thin Mints, too, but if you ever needed a substitute cookie that isn’t a cookie, moon pies!

  • The “official” cookie must, must, must have ginger in it … We all know that, deep in our hearts!
    My nomination is: Anna’s Swedish Recipe Ginger Thins, “the most famous and beloved ginger cookie in the world, since 1929.”
    You can read all about them right here: http://www.annasthins.ca/
    I have no financial interest in this company, although I’ve spent lots of money buying them over the years.
    By the way, if you love Girl Scout Thin Mints, get yourself a box of Anna’s Chocolate Mint Thins and knit on with nary a smudge on yarn nor needles!
    (Oh, yeah, they also make thin cookies in almond cinnamon, cappuccino, lemon, orange, and vanilla chocolate chip, but really, now, is that the point?)
    Finally, before I leave to go grocery shopping (the urge came over me suddenly, y’all), I’d like to nominate Sunshine Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers (those little square ones) as the “official” cracker of Mason-Dixon Knitting. After all, knitters cannot live by cookie alone.
    Don’t even get me started on the subject of tea … 8^)

  • I missed the deadline but I live in Chicago – OREOs! If you’re going to eat a manufactured cookie, eat one not replicated in nature. Or a home kitchen. And I’ll admit it, a whole one will fit in my mouth so as not to sully the knitting.

  • Living in Australia, I definitely support the Tim Tam as a favourite for knitters and non-knitters!

  • Oreos, esp. Double Stuff

  • Pepperidge Farm Chessmen….no doubt about it.

  • Trader Joe’s Ginger Cats, by the handful.

  • wait a minute…..mint milanos????

  • Oh,thin mints. Got to be the thin mints.

  • Almond windmills. They conjure images of sitting at Grandma’s kitchen table. And Salerno Butter Cookies (can’t get that song out of my head now), although I don’t think they’re available any more.

  • Well poo…I think I missed the deadline. Casting my vote anyway. E.L.Fudge…the delicious yellow ones with the fudge filling. The cookie pulls away so easily that you can stack the fudge filling to whatever you’d like!

  • Mint Milanos. Thin Mints are great but you can’t get them all year long…… a point that I feel is really important.

  • Sis, I know I’m past the deadline and late piping in, but the cookie that actually got only one vote that is worthy of snatchin’ up at the store is Tim Tams. David discovered these in Australia, man oh man. Apparently everyone eats them constantly there are refers to them as biscuits. You bit off both ends and use as a straw with coffee or milk. Went to World Market and bought 100 packages as gifts for David’s customers, being an Australian company and all. Enjoy!

  • Already mentioned but can’t be beat – Carr’s Ginger Lemon Cremes. Google them – you won’t be sorry! They’re just about the only storebought cookie that holds my interest.

  • Well, I am quite addicted to Trader Joe’s chocolate merengue cookies. They are so dang chocolaty even though they are a light merengue. And I love that I have to suck on them to get the chocolaty goodness from them. They are just little enough for me to pop in my mouth and the container never seems to go down. They last forever!

  • did somebody mention Caramel Tim Tams???
    DELICIOUS!!! got mine at Target.

  • and don’t forget to do the TIM TAM SLAM with those tim tams. delicious…

  • Anna’s Ginger Thins, with a little orange flavored cream cheese or a schmear of butter.

  • Can you vote for Girl Scout Cookies? If so, I say Thin Mint. If you’re going to disallow that answer I’ll say a nice shortbread cookie like a Lorna Doone

  • Carr’s Ginger Lemon Creams without a doubt – gingery, crispy, lemony and creamy all at the same time – the best cookie ever!

  • Oh, it’s too late – but wait! Does anyone remember a cookie that had a almost taffyish, marshmallow filling between two vanilla waferish cookies? They came in a little box (blue?) and were neatly lined up on their sides. If you were careful, you could twist the cookies in opposite directions and remove one to up the marshmallow/cookie ratio. Best cookie of my childhood! I could eat a whole box (in my defense, they were small and there were only about 8 in a box)!
    If I need to pick on that still exists, I pick caramel tim tams. Only have had the Pepperidge Farm ones but am willing to go to Australia to get the real deal…

  • Way past deadline but- garibaldis (or squashed fly biscuits) Mcvities Ginger biscuits, hob nobs are good but way too crumby for knitting with, chocolate ones would be – cadburys chocolate fingers, and bourbons. And lastly ‘Nice’ biscuits- they’re thin cheap and covered with sugar! And really really last malted milks. Ok so I can’t just have one official biscuit I need at least one a month! Or maybe just I’m really craving biscuits being on a low carb diet!


  • Pecan Sandies, or those Keebler Fudge Sticks.