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  • I just put together a CD mix as part of a little bloggy exchange and that’s the song I chose to close it out. Not because of “Lost”, though. Never watched it.
    I’ve barely knit a stitch all summer – too busy between work and school and my hands needed a break. As we’re starting to get hints of impending fall, though, I have a vest-in-progess that needs to see the light of day again soon.

  • Dammit, Ann — I have too many UFO’s already, and now you show me a sweater from a book I own.
    I’m making the scarf from the cover of the new Rowan magazine — Felted Tweed is fantastic, especially in 11 colours! (Tribute to my British colleagues and friends…)

  • What a glorious dress!!! I want one!

  • I’m still refusing to watch Lost, but I do get a kick out of knitting to the Mythbusters. It is that good combination of geeky and sciency without having plot or characterization, so I can knit and look down if I need to without feeling like I’ve just missed everything!
    I forsee that September will involve unearthing a lot of UFOs and seeing what can be done.

  • Nice, informative post. But the thing that just swirls around and around in my head is the “het up” part!! I haven’t heard that phrase since my Alabama friend spoke it in 1973.
    Ann, you’re inspiring hundreds of folks to dig through the unfinished/neglected/half-loved projects to turn them into the lovelies they are meant to be. Thanks.

  • A public service announcement for the stash cupboards behind us all. We just finished Lost Season 4 cliff hanger in anticipation of the last season DVD delivery.

  • Wait until season 3. Lots of good music moments in that show, but especially that season.
    I love watching people discover stories that I love. It’s taking everything in me not to spoil it and let you find out things for yourself, but it’s better this way.

  • One of my LYS recently closed and I scored 58 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed, half in Aran and half in Chunky. What’s a girl to do when faced with 50% off besides scoop up as much of one dyelot as one can?

  • Hoorah for finishing UFOs! My summer knitting has taken me to UFO land also, with good results, I’m pleased to report. One thing that happened earlier this year was that I moved — and in the process thought, gee, since I’m sorting through everything, I could put all my UFO’s together into a bin. Errh, make that two, no wait, ah, three bins! Yikes! Well, I’m down to a very large bin still full and a bit in another bin. Progress!

  • just wanted to let you know that once again, Corn Souffle (aka Corn Casserole) is a HIT!
    Since I’m at a higher elevation now and things take a bit longer to cook, I omitted one egg and it turned out FAN***TASTIC! :o)
    it was a side dish to a platter of fried green tomatoes from our garden and a nice bowl of sauteed okra…yum…

  • Shoot~
    I have Mama Cass singing that song on one of my walking playlists!
    the thing and start a NEW UFO! (I love using my swift!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh, to be discovering LOST for the first time…..

  • Oh no! How can anything by Mama Cass be creepy?! (No, don’t tell me. An episode of “The X-Files” about 13 years ago turned Johnny Mathis’ “Wonderful, Wonderful” into a creepy song, so I guess I understand.)
    Love your sweater, though! And the Rowan Felted Tweed! I’m partial to “Maritime” myself.

  • Ahhh, I love knitting to LOST. I can’t wait to finish buying up the seasons on DVD so I can hermit it up for a few weeks with LOST and knitting…

  • So, I just finished watching Project Runway (and the evil Gretchen) on my ‘puter and had to check in. I read “stashbusting” and “swashbuckling.” What does that mean? I do not look at my UFOs unless I feel like ripping them out. I have quite a few right now…

  • I’m trying to get through my UFOs, but I might have to add this one to my ravelry ‘q’, I never did a saddle shoulder before….

  • I am totally impressed by your use of the phrase “slough of despond.” It reminds me that it’s about time I re-read “Little Women.”

  • Ok, I watched LOST when it was on TV and I couldn’t remember when “Make Your Own Kind of Music” made an appearance, so I looked it up in “Lostpedia”. You may find the article interesting and even more creepy: http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Make_Your_Own_Kind_of_Music

  • I never saw Lost, so the Cass Elliot reference is “lost” on me (now I wish the tune/words to the song were because they’ll be running through my mind all day…)
    Fascinating sweater; I really llike it.
    Knit on!!

  • Way too funny! I just started this sweater yesterday and recognized it from the first picture.

  • Duck’s egg. I might be Lost.

  • Eeeeek as someone who is midway through season 4 of Lost, I know exactly what you mean about that song. BUT, I am watching it with someone too young to know who Mama Cass was (and he’s 19!) so I had to explain that that really was a famous song that had been appropriated and now, instead of evoking pleasant youthful memories for me, would forever evoke the weirdness of the Island.
    And I can only knit plain stockinette during the shows because I can’t look away from the screen for a minute.

  • I love Mama Cass. I love that dress. I want that dress! What if we all wore shiny pretty dresses like that? Wouldn’t we all be happier?
    And just after I cancelled my netflix account because I so rarely watch TV or videos or movies, you’ve got me wondering about Lost. I might have to rent it now. Thanks, I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰