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  • A dog’s ears speak volumes, don’t they? I can always tell what the Goof is thinking by the position of his ears.
    LOVE the courthouse steps blankie. The colored stripes are wonderful.

  • The blanket is beautiful — I hope you’ll post photos after shrinking & fading, because I can’t imagine how it could be improved. Lucky baby!

  • My lab (AKA the lapdog) does the same thing when I’m making the bed. He’ll lay down so quick and won’t move I’ll even tuke the sheets in before he moves out – all innocent like.

  • Are you sure Olive isn’t a cat? Because practically every cat I’ve had thought they needed to help make the bed!
    And Courthouse Steps is beautiful — show us a picture after the shrink-&-fade, okay?

  • Number 5 is in big trouble, I think!
    The blanket is lovely! I look forward to seeing the post-wash photo to compare cotton shrinkages. Hey, maybe if the socks were thrown in with the blanket, something interesting might happen!

  • It looks like you have some yarns that aren’t Rowan Denim in there. I’m guessing that it’s NOT like including non-felting wool in a felted project. Do the non-Rowan Denim yarns obediently shrink up along with their Rowan Denim sisters?
    I made a pillowcase out of Rowan Denim (for a little travel pillow) a couple of years ago. The soft pillow and pillowcase are still such a comfort…

  • Yes, I agree the socks are dead, oh that wonder stuff on those TV commercials…yeah it’ll take the stain out,and eat the fiber too.Been there,done that! Dog.bed.cute…coffee on it, YIEEKKK’s did it come out?? I use to dye lace in coffee. Love the baby blanket,it turned out really pretty, and I can say I saw that in person! Hope you are surviving the heat there…

  • Blanket is beautiful – I just finished a Moderne Log Cabin for a wedding present in black/gray/burgundy/white – only problem was the supposedly colorfast washable wool (which I had tested for colorfastness) really wasn’t so now it’s black/gray/burgundy/pink – and I’m reknitting it for the wedding present! Oh, well, it was a joy to work on so there’s that much more joy waiting to happen!
    On the sock front – from years of washing white football pants and socks that looked like they’d been soaked in the mud they carried instead of just rubbing against it – “Biz” is a great pre-soak. I’d just put some in a bucket and let them soak overnight – then wash – and usually had great success.
    Good luck with the socks and thanks so much for all your inspiration!

  • I think my two dogs are the cutest on earth, but I have to say…Olive is a strong – very strong – contender. Those ears. And I doubt she sheds like my dogs.
    Blanket is awesome. Am anxious to see it after the shrink & fade – wonder if Olive will be impressed then????

  • you are a pro in the log cabin-y courthouse steps department!!!

  • Dead socks! lol. It’s the smell that’s the killer though. Picked up my 11 year old son today after 2 weeks at wilderness camp in the Adirondacks. He took off his shoes in the car! I should take those socks to the morgue. Had to bag the socks and leave the windows open. Five hours back to NJ with stinky boy. Yuck!

  • I love that blanket! I am supposed to be knitting a mitered square blanket but find myself taking beading classes and making little bracelets. I think that has to do w/ the rainforest-like climate I live in right now. The bracelets are pretty but they just take a long time and progress is slow. Knitting seems to progress faster!

  • Perhaps #5’s socks DO have a chance–spray them with “Fantastic” (non bleach), then rub in some laundry detergent “full strength, where the dirt is” prior to tossing into the machine. The thing is, I’m not sure this’ll work as good as the “Biz” suggestion…
    At any rate, happy laundering. And congrats to baby Louie; that’s one fine blanket he’ll be receiving!

  • Olive’s ears remind me of my Yorkie’s—when she is in trouble, worried, or in the mood to rumble, her ears go down. And making the bed is her favorite game. She jumps on the bed, I put her down, and she runs around to the other side and jumps back up before I can make any progress. I taught her that and play along, but when she stays with my parents, she gets in a little trouble when she teases Grandma.

  • My cat LOVES to play Change the Sheets!

  • I gave up on my boys this year. Grey socks for them. I’m much happier with my laundry now.
    Wish I was baby Louis.

  • Is this the famous baby Louis? Its gorgeous! I’ve made used the same sort of technique with crochet with lovely results. Am I allowed to say that here? lol
    Been reading your blog for ages. Still rocks.

  • Clorox may help the socks or just designate them the baseball socks and that will lessen the chance of other pairs falling victim to the dreaded “diamond dirt”. (Seriously- is there some additive they put in baseball diamond dirt that resists the best efforts of every detergent known to mankind?) At least he has a good number. My daughter Mary (my 5th child) has worn the #5 in every sport she’s played (t-ball, baseball, softball, hockey and lacrosse) since age 4 and has always done well. She is now a successful college soon-to-be-sophomore. It may have nothing to do with the #5, but why take a chance?
    As always- love the Log Cabin and the denim. (And why was a mug of coffee on the BED, Missy?)

  • Okay, I have to say, when I saw the spilled coffee photo, I thought Olive got so excited to play “let’s change the bed” that she peed. Coffee is sooooooo much better, trust me on that!!!!!!

  • Oh my gosh, Olive has guilty ears. I see them on our Louie, even though he’s not usually the one in trouble. He feels guilty for everyone. Your blanket is gorgeous … just beautiful!!!

  • Sparkling clean, white socks are Highly Overrated. I gave up years ago . . . and now only purchase black socks for my son.

  • Dead socks but a vibrant blanket.

  • I love the blanket! Cool color pattern.

  • Our kitty does that. I’m sure our dog would too, but he isn’t allowed all over the house yet. They are still not friends. I keep waiting for that day.

  • Olive, you’re not the only pet that is in trouble for spilt coffee! My cat, Gracie, knocked over my coffee this morning all over one end of the quilt that I was working on this morning. Bad kitty as the quilt was for her to lay on in front of the fireplace. I may add a little note with an arrow pointing to the stain that remains after rinsing and blotting.

  • Great blanket. What exactly is that lovely blue border – is it icord? Love it, and would love to know how you did it — I’m about to start the border on a moderne log cabin and your border is the look I’m going for.

  • Am I the only one who’s never heard of the”denim shrink and fade cycle”?Please enlighten me.

  • Lucky baby Louie!!! Love the 3-D ness and the colors.

  • Love your laundry news!

  • BEAUTIFUL blanket! And is that center square the hearth (as we discussed last summer)? Are you afraid of the denim running into the other colors? I have been thinking about a similar court house steps with the denim I don’t use for my clapotis in progress. It was supposed to be an Indigo Ripple skirt but it is much happier in the clapotis, so far. I am washing after every skein is complete. So far 4 skeins and I’m still loving it although the monotony of the denim is starting to try my love for this pattern. Third one’s the charm? Maybe not since I have some Katia waiting in the wings . . .

  • Please….what is the denim shrink and fade cycle??? I just started denim blankets for all 3 of my grandsons. thanks, mary

  • Kay,
    Now I know why we haven’t seen you in such a long time – you’ve been trying to make your bed. If you plan to be in NYC on August 4, please come to a breakfast for Kitty – you know when and where.

  • The Olive posts are about to crash the cute-o-meter! She is so darling…at least most days, right?

  • Lucky baby! I could never dream to accomplish something like this, I wish I could knit fast enough so I can make more things!

  • Simplesmente fantástico! Na parte azul, com essas carreiras em branco, deu a impressão de profundidade… amei:)

  • LOVE the colors in that blanket.

  • The blanket is beautiful