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  • You and Norma have inspired ME to look at dog sweaters. And I have black lab!!!! I never thought that my Jenny-pup might get chilly. . . or need to be stylin’. . . but, now, hmmmm. I’m not so sure!

  • Well, good thing there’s no battle going on because, um, I hate to mention this, but according to her Rav projects page, Norma has actually knit Mr. Jeffries THREE sweaters so far.
    Between the two of you and your pooches’ adorable sweaters, I have a feeling that I will soon be knitting a sweater for my dogphew, Squirt:

  • She looks so much more grown up! Do you think she’s part dachshund if the body is growing longer? Fab sweater. x x x

  • Puppy tankinis. Kay, you’re a card.

  • Oh my goodness, she is so cute!
    Soldier forth in the dogsweater (non)wars. Olive shall reign triumphant.

  • Alas, my dog, like my children (and yours- are all knitters plagued with this?), would not be a sweater tolerator. Also, Bumper Joseph is so big it would be a man-sized type dog sweater and my husband already feels I neglect him in favor of the dog…
    I love all the details, the “not-quite traditional dog jumper/ tankini” and the fact that Olive is now protected should she get caught in a squall.

  • Holy Macarena, when she did get so BIG? She’s all grown up! That is a gorgeous little sweater.
    BUT. I have knit Mr. Jefferies FOUR sweaters so far. We have yer alpaca, and yer Eco Wool (which has since met is demise in the felting – er – washing machine) and TWO -count ’em, TWO – Peace Fleece sweaters. However: however much I lerve his sweaters, your two are more varied and original; I will give you that. In love and war,

  • I truly laughed out loud at the tankini remark! So cute!

  • LOVE IT! Too Fab for words… Olive is just getting cuter and cuter each day!

  • So cute. I’ve been following Mr. Jeffries sweater escapades and you’re giving him a run for his money. Both of these two pups are adorable though.
    I love the beach photos!

  • so the important question is is the smell out here better or worse to Olive than the smell in there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Puppy sweater love knows no bounds. I’m nearly inspired to add another one to my little guy’s collection though I think the design might be a little more traditional than my first effort http://www.ravelry.com/projects/megtknits/i-matey-dog-coat

  • Not meaning to get all Team Mr. J on things but does that sweater count include the one that Norma felted??

  • So adorable! Makes me want to run out and knit sweaters for my cats. Somehow I think their tolerance would be far lower than Olive’s, however.

  • You two are sucking me in so bad…I’m looking at Poodles and Pomeranians and thinking…I could knit a doggy sweater, right??? Two doggy sweaters?
    (The Meezer might never speak to me again, but hey, I’d be knitting cute doggy togs!)
    Olive is adorable.

  • Little Olive is growing into her ears! She is a darling and her wardrobe is lovely.

  • this is little ole pudding pie
    mr jeffries and i are very best of friends
    i will howl all over this page if jeffries calls

  • Oh you guys crack me up! thanks for my best laugh of the day… arf!

  • So cute, she’s growing too!Makes me want to knit for my daughters two Yorkies,but one of them eats(trashes) everything….hate to see my work destroyed! Nice beach pictures….

  • That Olive, that beach, oh my!

  • Is Olive getting bigger? The first sweaater was cute but I love this one!

  • Is Olive getting bigger? The first sweaater was cute but I love this one!

  • Li’l’ poochie cutie pants. You’re cute and your dog mom’s funny.

  • Awesome!

  • You are very fortunate that Olive will wear sweaters in the first place; this is quite a feat for a Terrier! I have a 7 year-old Cairn Terrier. When he was a puppy, I had grand illusions of knitting him a entire winter wardrobe. The first time a sweater was stretched over his head, and on to his tiny puppy-body, he immediately started chewing it, desperately trying to get it OFF. Whenever he saw me with a sweater in hand, he took off, hiding in places I could never reach my middle-aged body into.

  • Oh. My. Gosh.
    That dog gets cuter and cuter every time you post a picture. I swore after my experiences with our current dog I’d never get a dog again, but Olive’s particular blend makes for one irresistible pooch!

  • And they are so much quicker than real people sweaters too!

  • Aauugh, the cuteness, it’s hurting me! (seriously, she is just too cute, and the sweater multiplies her cuteness like unto infinity…)

  • Oh my gosh, so cute I want to pee my pants and die. Why have I frowned so heavily on dog sweaters before?!

  • I wonder if you adopted Olive just so you could say “tiny terrier togs?”
    No, of course not. That would be wrong.

  • Tankini indeed. Too funny. As an aside, the “Twinkle Sews” book lasted all of one day in my house and has been kidnapped by middle daughter and is being held hostage at her new studio in downtown Detroit. No signs of release ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again.

  • Knowing you & Norma as I do, I fear for the upcoming Dog Sweater Wars. To be fought in mostly natural fibers with some cabling.
    That’s all I’m saying. Well, that, and I see it’s no longer safe to let one’s dog walk by the laptop , he might look over and get idea. You don’t want to be knitting a sweater for a dog named Gordo.

  • …you know we’ve got to find a way/to bring some lovin’ here today…
    Dog wars? What’s Going On?

  • Heeeeeeeeeeeelp me,
    I think I’m falling
    In love again
    The ultimate use for denim.
    I shall watch, with interest, the tiny terrier tog skirmishes.

  • Olive looks just like the pup that lived with my family when I was growing up. Sydney–my fabulous dog–is now 14, and still going on super strong and super cute, and seeing olive makes me all homesick for my parents’ house!

  • Doggie sweater (with no-) arms race!

  • I got this book because of your adorable Miss Olive.
    She is JUST the cutest thing. If you ever bring her to the west coast, she needs to meet my Scrat the Brat boy. ๐Ÿ™‚
    My mother’s dog will be the primary beneficiary of me owning this book though.

  • I don’t have a dog but I’m sure liking your pooch in that adorable sweater! And the beach setting is delightful.

  • So what you’re saying is, you’ve got a long little doggie?

  • As usual, that darn dog is doggone cute!