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  • You know, lots of those reenactin’ types use plant dyes for their uniforms to edge ever closer to authenticity. Ask ’em all about the Turkey red, go on–and Old Sig vats.

  • What, only ONE blanket square photo? You’re rusty, Ann. Cannon shots or no, we need more blanket.
    LOVE the bluebirds!!

  • Love the squares and the civil war photos. Any suggestions when shooting the cannon?

  • What? Did Forest Gump happen along? It sounds like you been sittin a spell with him. 😀

  • But was it the same bird who flew out? Seeing as their was more than one in there, now I’m all a-curious…

  • I’m loving the anachronistic khakis with the cannon. Was it fun to shoot it, busted eardrums notwithstanding? I’d imagine that it would be kind of satisfying, in a loud sort of way…

  • Thank you so much for the bluebird video.

  • I love those squares. Please show more, more, more. I am such a copycat, I need inspiration (or something to copy). Thank you.

  • So what is this blanket you’re creating? I’m deep into log cabining right now, especially after learning to flatify (TY Kay, your post was life altering). I’m curious what yarn you’re using. The colors and the design are terrific. Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  • LOVE the bluebird – I feel that I can learn from him.
    THe blanket’s good too.

  • I love your mess of squares! Looks like Rowan leftovers to me. If so, send me an email with the shades you need–I just might have some in my oversized stash to share with you.
    Mary G. in Texas

  • I feel a kinship to your bluebird these days.
    And Abingdon!! My mother grew up just down the road in Bristol.

  • Am I the only one who looked at Captain Rice’s beard and thought: Undyed wool to spin!!!?

  • Would you please give as a hint of the size of your squares the needle size and yarn. they are so beautiful, the colors are out of this world.

  • Holy “mess o’ squares”, Batman! Wowee, wow, wow!
    First that luscious Noro LC, and now: stash busters!
    Well, Ann, I THOUGHT those might be knitted squares at the top of one of the bags from your June 8th entry–either that, or quilt squares (which would have been equally awesome).
    As is the way of the “Parallel Knitting Universe”, I’m making squares, too. Several weeks ago, I decided to knit a blanket for ME by making squares very similar to yours. Well, OK, I got the idea from YOUR–that is, YOU GUYS’s–book (which I just “happened” to be reading at the time). It’s only my “take along” project, as I can’t seem to break the “knitting for others” habit. (Like is there a branch at the Betty Ford Clinic for folks like me?)
    P.S.–Shore did like them capri pants, but tryin’ ta figger out where ya hid the gin…

  • What a fun time! I’m a huge fan of the civil war and if you haven’t read “Killer Angels” you might want check it out as it’s one of the better stories told of Gettysburg.

  • Okay, strangely I’m thinking of the Reese witherspoon movie about Alabama, but I still can’t wait to see the blanket.

  • I think the first bird wasn’t actually stuck in the hole but was being yanked back by a competitive sibling who wanted to be first;)

  • nice pics, and love those colors together in your knitting, wonderful! Your pics remind me of the civil war re-enactments going on not too far from here this weekend, so far the rain has held off but hazy overcast. every now and again you can hear the canon!

  • nice pics, and love those colors together in your knitting, wonderful! Your pics remind me of the civil war re-enactments going on not too far from here this weekend, so far the rain has held off but hazy overcast. every now and again you can hear the canon!

  • My sister and I watched three cardinal nestlings get their flying lesson this morning from mommy and daddy bird. My children were delighted and I felt lucky we got to witness this little miracle.

  • Yes, a blanket the colors of bluebird wings would be lovely! Another knitter I know uses book covers as color inspirations for knitting.

  • Ahh, such awkwardness in the birdies! But how lovely to see them try and succeed.

  • How lucky that you got to see them fledge. I sat on my front stoop all morning the day mine were expected to fly the coop, and then we left to take the kids to the pool. When I got home they were gone.
    I have often thought about making knitted items that were reminiscent of birds’ coloration. My friend and I were admiring a barred owl asleep in a tree and thinking his gorgeous brown and cream breast would inspire something pretty. I’m not very confident in my colorwork, but someday….

  • A “mess of Yankees & Rebels out in the field”- I’m pretty sure that’s what your fellow Monteaglers were saying about US amongst the flowers with the Belinda shawl. Although none of us can compete with that beard.

  • I am loving those blanket squares with all my heart! That little ridge of red! That just made my day.

  • nice to hear from you
    my long ago kin fought in the civil war
    its nice to think about bluebirds
    send your ice tea to florida 100 plus today

  • If our ancestresses had worn capri pants, we would have won the war!

  • The video and that bluebird are totally stealing the show. It’s like a kid with their hand in the cookie jar, unwilling to let a single one go so they can escape with the rest before Mom catches them up there on the counter.
    And, yeah, Civil War reenactments are LOUD.

  • It is always hard to keep it straight at first. Then it becomes second-nature: FIRST, exit through tiny hole, THEN unfold wings. This sequence applies to people, umbrellas, and elevators, also.

  • So what are you doing up there for entertainment now that the birds have flown the coop?
    Hope your talk goes well today.

  • The fact that baby bird – raised on a diet of worms and bugs – was too, er, chubby to squeeze out of the hole PROVES that Atkins doesn’t work!!!!

  • love the bluebirds. thanks for sharing them.
    Loving the squares. Never thought i’d be knitting square or rectangular (or flat) things in my life.
    thanks for your inspirations.
    Capri pants: they should not be worn by adults.
    cut them up now.
    please. You look gorgeous in everything Else.

  • A while back, I was yarn shopping with a very wise friend, who first introduced me to knitting. I explained that I was here to buy more yarn for the project I started in order to bust stash (Rambling Rows). “Isn’t that crazy?” I asked.
    She pondered for a moment, then delivered the following verdict:
    “Not if you buy it on sale.”

  • “I got to shoot me a dang cannon. It like to bust my eardrums I’ll tell you what.”
    I laughed out loud. I can just hear the good old boys. I don’t get out into the countryside enough.