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  • Wow. That is gorgeous. I don’t think I would know how to change it from a pullover to a cardigan though(or how to alter the way the collar interfacing was done), unless someone wrote it out for me step by step….

  • Wowee wow wow! Perfecto! Look at those lined up lines on the seam!
    I went to a university that was next to a nude beach, and we’d go there after exams. When I was 20… Not sure what you should do now! Get a crappy summer job?

  • It is gorgeous. Well done!

  • Those cables on an angle look great and I love the color. I wish your stylist had talked you into a seaweed-driftwood crown. You need to make the most of seaside photoshoots.

  • wow – it looks fantastic! Congratulations!

  • Absolutely gorgeous! It’s one of those projects that I hope to one day complete!

  • What a great fit! Now, can you go back to your Fair Isle sweater, now that the weather is getting warm? I’d love to see that finished (no pressure, really!)

  • wowzers! this tuned out just amazing!

  • Pearl-icious! sweet and looks so comfy.

  • Those left leaning cables came out alright after all.

  • Gorgeous and well worth pushing through.

  • Really beautiful and well worth the tine and effort!
    Flattering fit.

  • That is one amazing sweater! It’s gorgeous!!

  • Gorgeous! Perfect! I worship at your feet.

  • You are BEAUTIFUL in this sweater! The color, the fit, the cool design … wonderful. Totally worth the effort (though that might be easy for me to say, given that it wasn’t actually MY effort that it was worth!).

  • Lotsa knitting in that sweater, and it looks wonderful! The collar facing is amazing. Now take a short rest.
    Mary G. in Texas

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • Brilliantly executed! Fabulous fit on a perfect cardigan model!

  • Beautiful job, Ann. Congratulations on sticking to it. It’s so worth it. Gorgeous sweater.

  • It’s funny to read the same word over and over throughout the comments but it fits! That sweater is gorgeous!

  • You are my hero(ine0.

  • You are my hero(ine).

  • Very beautiful work!

  • Beautiful!

  • Wow, it looks even better on than it did lying down.

  • Your sweater is beautiful and handsome at the same time! Excellent work. Have you looked at the book A Fine Fleece? It has some great sweaters.

  • Wow that sweater is fantastic and it looks perfect on you!

  • I love the sweater just like everyone else. I also think the collar looks great. It is not Elvis-ish at all. I weigh so much more than four years ago that this never could have happened for me. (Pull an UFO out of hibernation and have it fit spot on.) In fact, I won’t start something this magnificent until I try to lose some weight. What if I actually succeed and I have a masterpiece that does not fit?

  • Wow. That’s what I kept thinking as I read along. It’s amazing! Any knitter would take one look at your sweater and bow down in awe. Good job! Now you should take a rest, grab a warm drink with some kick in it and read a magazine. A knitting magazine, of course!

  • Gwageous! And the sweater ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at, neither!

  • I am really impressed.

  • Ann – It’s spectacular! And you look like a teenager in it.

  • well, it looks amazing. I know it was a pain, but from here it looks totally worth the agony.

  • I really wondered how the sweater would look finished, with the collar, etc… It appeared to me, like it would be a bit clunky, and the collar, well – visions of Elvis would date it a bit. Why am I suprised that it’s lovely! Lots of movement, and not too heavy looking at all. Congratulations on finishing.

  • A finished sweater like that calls for a party! It’s beautiful.

  • I was going to say “wow!” but then saw that’s what everyone else said. So “golly!” For once, I am not tempted to copy – much too epic for me. I’ll just come back and look at yours once in a while.

  • That’s so fab ! Such accomplished knitting. A very stylish garment.

  • That’s gorgeous! Definitely worth all the work.

  • Can you stand getting one more “gorgeous”? An amazing piece of work.

  • It came out beautifully, just as I knew it would. I don’t envy you the setting in of sleeves portion of the seaming. Yikes!
    Don’t you ever dare cook dinner in it! Dinner must only be served to you by waiters with a napkin (towel?) over their arms when you wear that sweater.

  • What to do now? Why make another one and raffle it off to us, of course!
    Ann, it’s great to see you modeling your lovely sweater. How fitting (no pun intenede) to have a cable sweater modeled on the beach…
    It turned out beautifully, and the richness and texture of those diagonal cables is just so wonderful!
    This is an inspiration to me. You ladies are my inspiration.
    Once again, thanks.

  • stunning, beautiful cables.

  • stunning, beautiful cables.

  • just handsome perfect model
    early spring time on the beach
    is grand before the storms arrive
    what next please look at knitty
    and gasp the viariant on the
    elizabeth zimermons Pi shawl
    free pattern so so beautiful

  • Yes it is gorgeous but the thing is, just once in my life I would like to knit myself a sweater that fit and flattered like that.

  • Oh, My Gosh! It’s Luvly!!

  • Beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Wow – that’s all just WOW!

  • bellissima
    don’t know why I’m italianating tonight, but the sweater just drew it out of me
    congrats congrats congrats

  • Duh. Everyone knows when you finish exams you go have a drink (or 4). And then you get up the next morning and do your laundry!

  • Brava! I liked it when you showed it flat & in pieces but I LOVE it all put together and on you, on the beach. (and I think I recognize that skirt, too…)

  • It’s fabulous. Beautiful job.

  • I especially like the deadly dull diagonal ribs on the sleeves. You must be proud of this!

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful sweater. NEVER cook dinner in it!

  • You must be so proud! It’s awesome.

  • If I weren’t overcome with sweater lust, I would lay my needles at your feet in admiration. also, if I lived closer.
    gorgeous, fabulous work!

  • It would be a sweater to admire, even if it fit NO ONE! However, you have achieved a marvelous fit, too. Congratulations!
    Just one little question…how much did your stylist have to pay the kid on the beach to dig in the cold sand barefoot and in shorts? LOL!

  • Thought that first pic was a lift from the Rowan photo spread. Congrats to knitter and photog!

  • It’s lovely! I imagine it will be quite sometime before you take the dinner making plunge in it, like maybe decades. Good for you, you are such an inspiration to finish things no matter how tedious they may be!

  • Beautiful! It’s an heirloom! It’s art! It’s historic! What more could you ask from a cardigan? The fact that it also keeps you warm seems almost superfluous.

  • Wow, Ann! those executive decisions paid off handsomely. This knitter deserves a bonus!…and there I was feeling sorry for myself because the ribbing on a collar I knitted last night doesn’t line up with the allover back ribbing as it ought to. I am so ready to frog now.

  • That is phenomenal!

  • It’s jaw-dropping. Those are the best-fitting sleeves I’ve ever seen modeled!
    And you definitely have the neck for that sweater. It would be halfway up to my nose if I tried to wear it.
    Wonderful job. And hey, what did you do in college when exams were over??? Go have a drink or seven!

  • It looks scrumptious, and warm. Perfect for the beach.
    Your comment about Merle’s virtuosity with Aqua Net caused an immediate brainstorm of ‘101 Things You Should Probably Not Do With Aqua Net’, most of them involving Bic lighters OR the dog. (Not AND the dog, please.)

  • Wow, it came out great! I’m guessing that after this one you’re going to want a little break from knitting all-over diagonal cables. Just long enough to get your wind back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow! It’s gorgeous! I’m so glad you persevered on it. It’s absolutely stunning!

  • That sweater suits you to a “T,” and looks destined to become a lifelong friend.
    When your someday-grandchildren think of you, they will probably picture you in that sweater, looking perfect.
    Love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh, that looks just like the beach I always went to growing up in the Florida Panhandle! Seeing you there gave me such a feeling of nostalgia! Fabulous sweater, just fabulous.

  • That turned out great! And the cables on the back look like water-sculpted sand. Perfect photo shoot!

  • Wow! It looks great!

  • Looks great!

  • Congrats on getting it done. Looks like an epic project.

  • Oh, Ann. That sweater is drop dead gorgeous!!

  • Fabbo job! I love me a cablicious sweater on a beach.
    What is with the Rowan and the not matchy cables? I just finished (knitting, not sewing) Gayle from their purebreed catalog and there didn’t seem to be much thought into how the sleeve and body cables would relate. I’m not rip out and re-design displeased, just mildly disappointed…