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  • Congrats, Ann! We are cheering for Cinderella and all you little pumpkin alums. My BIL went up to Detroit this weekend to help support you. Isn’t it great that everyone (like me) is saying, “Where is Davidson”? And it costs how much to go there???? Whoa. Go Wildcats or whatever is the appropriate feline.

  • Hi there, y’all done good… but there’s not joy up here in Madison. Greetings and congratulations from a native North Carolinian who came up here for grad school and never left.

  • Yeah, my bracket is busted beyond repair — but the Davidson story is just great! Congratulations!

  • That makes up for what happened to Duke. What a nice kid.

  • Ann! I had no idea you went to Davidson; that’s amazing!
    I’m a sophomore here at Davidson, and let me tell you, the feeling on campus tonight is incredible! Although the trustees did offer to get tickets for everyone, the school was not able to get enough buses by the short notice, so only about 300 students went to the game. Still, enthusiasm here has been sky-high all week and the student union was full of shouting after our victory.
    It’s a great day to be a Wildcat!

  • I don’t know if I’m pulling harder for the tarheels or Davidson. Got to love some smart kids! Native memphian, some-time north carolinian. I went to a women’s college and played in chapel hill. Go tarheels! Go Davidson! Go Memphis!

  • What a great story! I’m teary and I don’t even follow basketball…

  • Yep – what Kathy in Juneau said. I just love surprises!

  • To heck with Cinderella!
    I’m a Badger and not a happy camper. They worked hard and had a great season. I was counting on Wisconsin being the underdog story–a #3 seed winning it all.
    If Davidson makes it past Sunday, I’ll jump on the bandwagon, OK?

  • Hey Kay,
    Since my boys @ Winthrop didn’t get passed the first game, we have been who-ha-ing Davidson. Carolina schools rule!! fingers crossed for your guys.

  • WooHoo!!
    I was a Duke alum, but I love an underdog team, and all the conference there in the Carolinas
    Go Davidson!!

  • That is such a nice story. I’ll be rooting for them. (U of Iowa grad)

  • We’re loving Davidson in our house. We love to root for the underdogs and it’s always refreshing to watch players – like Stephen Curry – who play without an attitude. And he’s such a baby face!

  • Hey Ann – if you get there first, save me a seat. Go Cats!

  • Congrats to you (and me!), fellow Davidson alum! On a normal day, I love being a product of Davidson. So now, I’m pretty much unbearable to be around.
    Love the little summary, filling everyone in on the great little school that could. Thanks for doing your part! Maybe the trustees will finally recognize you as the Davidson Ambassador that you are.
    BTW, haven’t seen you in the alumni magazine yet. Who’s going to out you as a published author and knitting guru? I want to see a textbox with your smiling face in it.

  • Go Davidson! Last weekend, my BIL (not usually a sports guy) said he drew Davidson in an office pool, and was wondering where it was. Now we know! And last night, there was a piece on them on NPR!

  • He’s adorable! Woo Hoo and I couldn’t be any happier my brackets are busted as well! We’re routing for you in New England!

  • I went to University of Michigan. I never heard of Davidson. I am now a fan!!! Thanks for this wonderful story.

  • Davidson?! My dad’s a Davidson alum! Maybe even at the same time you were there…mid 70’s…How cool! He’ll be really happy today, then, though he doesn’t follow basketball too much…

  • Well, I do appreciate a good Cinderella story, but I am a Jayhawk through and through.
    Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU!!!

  • Small colleges ROCK! Davidson is this year’s Gonzaga (another small college from my neck of the woods who took the NCAA finals by storm a few years ago). I hope Davidson goes all the way…even though Washington State University is still in it!

  • Congratulations to you and Davidson. I had Wisconsin winning the whole tournament, but I was happy to see Davidson win so convincingly and Curry is amazing! Davidson has a new fan in me! We’ll be cheering with you against Kansas!

  • Pardon a moi! WSU is out of the finals (they fell to UNC), but my son’s bracket is still in perfect condition…….he had Davidson going this far (at least). He’s a smart cookie! He can see a winner a mile off.

  • Congrats on Davidson’s victory. I went to the UW (in the 1980’s), and am going back to grad school at the UW this summer, and I also have shoes older than Curry, and I could not believe my eyes when the Badgers fell apart in the second half of the game last night. However, when I saw your young man Curry interviewed after the game, all I could think about was what a great, grounded, nice kid he is, and I hope they make it to the championship! I love a Cinderella story, too — even more when my own team isn’t the one that helped make it possible — though for a good kid like Curry, I can’t be too upset about it!

  • My uncle went to Davidson, too. So proud for all of you! 🙂

  • A fellow Davidson alum saying “Rock Chalk Jayhawk”!
    Wisconsin has more faculty members than Davidson has students!
    This is a great season and it’s so much fun to watch these guys. I’m psyched for tomorrow. We have a church party to go to and I told my husband I was not leaving the house during the game if it happened to overlap.

  • Davidson has been a blast to watch through this tournament. I always root for the little underdog schools. They may be the next George Mason!

  • My husband is a Davidson alum. He called me at 8:40am yesterday to tell me about the trustees sending the kids up. I was so happy watching them last night. They looked like they were having a blast!
    Go Wildcats!
    My friend lives in Davidson and post a slideshow on her blog about all the posters people put up around town.

  • I love that another woman likes NCAA bball too!
    I love watching the road to the final four. I did not do a bracket this year though. I watched Davidson last night and man was Curry great to watch — he is so slight and has so much talent!
    Hope they win again.

  • Busted – totally.
    Bummed – not at all, I’d rather have Davidson go this far (and keep going) than win the office pool.
    I love that Curry actually looks like a college kid, instead of the red-shirted, held-back, bulked up players on so many of the teams (my alma mater included).

  • I’m a huge basketball fan, and I love March madness. (Almost as much as I love watching my 9 year old play). As a Canadian, I don’t have any real affiliation to any NCAA school, except for Duke, since that was my late Dad’s favourite team. Now, I have to say, I’m cheering for Davidson – love the Cinderella story, and love Stephon Curry – obviously Davidson chruns out well spoken, condiserate kids…

  • Since Stanford is out we are all cheering on Davidson.
    Wish them all the best.

  • Ahh, that was a great clip. Being married to a basketball nut and having birthed another basketball nut (moment of silence for the demise of the Stanford Cardinal, please) means my heart beats a little more quickly during March Madness. AND we all love Davidson and that whole international team!
    I love reading your description of Curry’s play!
    Go Wildcats!
    And tonight, my Vanderbilt women play…

  • Well, we have made the DC connection already, and I am sure psyched. I was texting Lanier & Jamie May from that sushi bar in JFK last night where we were watching the game, en route home from spending the week in Ponte Vedra with my mother’s Davidson-grad cousin (father of Braden Bledsoe ’89, in case y’all overlapped). My Blue Devils are long gone, alas, but I am happily pulling for the ‘cats!

  • My team is also in the Elite Eight and I have fond hopes that they will go on to the Final Four and thence to the Championship. They did so all five years that I was in college (four years for my BS and a fifth for my MS) and I hope every year for a repeat of those glorious years.
    Should UCLA fall out of the competition, I’ll consider transferring my enthusiasm to Davidson. That will be difficult, though, as I have a fixed antipathy toward the ACC (and the SEC). Still, for an electronic friend, I’ll try.

  • Isn’t he ADORABLE?!?! I have a college sophomore, and I would love to think he could be this poised and unselfish and kind and adorable — how PROUD his mama must be of him on AND off the court!

  • I didn’t know you went to Davidson, Ann:) We are pulling hard for them! I hope they go all the way. Del Curry played for Charlotte Hornets back in the day, and, over here in Raleigh, we get tired of the same ole’ teams every year. Good Luck! We’ll be watching!

  • Great clip! Make’s a momma get all choked up.

  • It was a beautiful sight. This time of year is hard for me to knit because I’m watching all the excitement and wondering if anyone is going to survive in my brackets. Thank goodness we print out lots of them for do-overs! And I’ll just put a plug in for my team – ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS! But Davidson is a wonderful, inspiring, cinderella story and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. After this, its back to the weather channel as background to knitting.

  • Anne, I Never watch basketball but we’ve rearranged our whole Sunday to make sure we don’t miss the Davidson game. They’re amazing– and such fun to watch!

  • Could he be any cuter?
    Ann, since you have the Davidson connection…is there anyway you could find out his mamma’s secret on looking SO young? Seriously, did you see her? Wow!

  • Great story, I’ll definitely be cheering for Davidson and Stephan especially since my alma mater (Stanford) was a big disappointment this year.

  • Congratulations to your alma mater, Ann! As former (and future!) North Carolinians, my family was excited beyond speaking to be there in person to see Davidson’s victory Friday. Excitement is running high here this afternoon in anticipations of watching Davidson play (win!) again this evening.
    I made sure to point out your Davidson post to them since they seem to think that knitting and basketball are incompatible.

  • Ann, it’s funny how we think we know someone, but then find out we don’t. I was just sitting here minding my own business, one eye on the Kansas-Davidson game, the other on the blogs I was surfing around on. Then, suddenly, I had Stephen Curry in both eyes. I had no idea you were a basketball fan (albeit, maybe just because of the 2nd thing I didn’t know about you) or that you went to Davidson. Yep, you’ve got a right to be proud as Davidson is holding their own with KU in the 2nd half. And Curry’s mama is still crying…

  • From another Duke alum and fan – congratulations! What a kid. When he said, “Im just glad to bring this kind of joy to her” I got all choked up. The trustees are to be commended as well for supporting the students and sending them to the game. How nice to hear.

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