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  • I LOVE THE ELFS! I Want one! saltines . . . dude i will stop at the store on the way home. We need and elf!
    That is just charming! My son gets letters from Santa that light his day . . . I can only imagine if we had an elf!

  • One of your elves.. looks a lot like the little fella that would visit my classroom on March 17th.. he’d only stay one day..
    He also seemed to like going through the student’s desks while they were out of the room for lunch, recess, specials, or the library.. sometimes he’d leave notes, sometimes he’d leave ‘glittery shamrocks’ in or on their desks to let them know that he’d looked about.
    They loved him.. except when he’d mess things up and leave footprints everywhere.
    Good to know that it seems that he has some cousins that visit during the Christmas season. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • For some reason, the bran cereal question struck me funny and I sat here and laughed and laughed. A WHOLE LOT.

  • Our elf is called ‘Elvis’ and he is not an elf we have ever seen but we know he’s about because he KNOWS stuff! He leaves letters and quick notes around the place, typed in the same beautiful font that the Tooth Fairy uses (we even suspect they use Mommy’s computer at night!) Like he knows when you’ve been rude to your mother. He knows when you were unexpectedly kind to the little witch at school who has been making your life a misery all year. He knows, without being told, what your heart desires for Christmas this year.
    He, too, disappears back to the North Pole regularly – he works in the mail room and so he also knows some about what your friends want for Christmas! When it gets REALLY busy, he also helps paint nutcrackers in the toy workshop, and he tries, each year, to paint my daughters’ toys himself, so that they get the colours they ask for! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    But he also makes wonderfully salient comments about HOW to get what you want for Christmas! He might mention, for example, that he has noticed how busy your mother has been the last few days and that if you were to pick up your room then that would surely be something great he could tell Santa about next time he was up at the Pole!
    He also asks questions, like ‘are you SURE that you want a karaoke machine this year?’ And then he might add that all the really cool kids are actually asking for reference books, NOT karaoke machines! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Well, okay, that’s a bit of an unlikely happening, but he does offer alternate ideas that sometimes are very successful in getting little people to want what their parents think they ought to want, if you see what I mean!
    Oh how I love Christmas!
    Now if we could just get a house-elf like in Harry Potter, to wash dishes and do laundry, my life would be just fabulous!
    We will have to ask Elvis if he has ever met Eduardo and Jingle…….

  • Those elves would so get beaten up by the cats if they showed up at our house. And if we get our little french bulldog, maybe by him, too. Oh, and I don’t know if I should mention this but, well, one of those elves looks an awful lot like a t-r-o-l-l.
    What’s a Wii?

  • I SO love that idea. When my boy is a little older, I’m going to see if we can’t lure an elf to our house too!

  • Christmas with children is wonderful.
    When I was a little girl, my grandfather would put saltines in his shirt pocket when he came home from work. When he would bend down to greet me in the playpen, I’d reach into his pocket and take out what I called “Poppy crackers.” Saltines make me smile.

  • hi ann!
    zoรฉ’s daycare worker recently brought in her collection of ‘trolls’ from home, to play with the girls – and i blurted out that i found them to be kind of scary-looking.
    and immediately wanted to take the remark back–
    eduardo and jungle look sweet, as are the letters– ‘jingle’ looks just like the elf in the fuzzy 3-D animated ‘rudolph’ film (who was also a dentist? was his name jingle?)

  • We’ve had elves since I was a kid. Wrote about ’em last year: http://spinneasgauge.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2006-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-05%3A00&updated-max=2007-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-05%3A00&max-results=50. Harold and Howard Holly… this year Henry Holly will join us for the baby…

  • Our elf’s name was Lenny. One year we spotted him, wearing a red elf hat, driving around our neighborhood in a car sporting a vanity license plate (LENNYC – the “C” for Claus, of course). Lenny’s specialty was leaving notes about gifts that could not be procured in time for Dec 25. He always came through eventually.

  • Is it possible that Jingle is taking calligraphy classes on his sabbaticals to the North Pole? There’s something so evocative about his handwriting. I just can’t place it.
    xoxoxo Kay

  • I too dig the Elvish-style writing–very Tolkiennesque.

  • well, I am glad the elves are all up at the North Pole helping, because last year, Giacomo got a letter from Santa saying how difficult it was to make all the electronic toys that had been requested, and how the elves were threatening a strike!
    Nice bag, Ann!

  • Such impressive 2nd grade knitting skills! (And what a nice teacher).

  • What a totally awesome idea! we all need to have a special tradition. this is to cool. you are so smart.

  • It’s wrong, I know, to be absolutely jealous, nay covetous, of an elf’s elegant handwriting skills this time of year. And yet I can’t help myself…

  • We need an elf around here! Of course, if we left Saltines and water under the tree, our Portuguese Water Dog would have a snack and not the elves! Maybe Xena is the elf…Hmmmm…… Nah, she never writes back.

  • Love Hanukkah, but hate how Hanukkah gifts and stocking stuffers overlap and I end up robbing Peter to pay Paul, more or less. My boys all got pj’s one night last week. The high point was my 9-year-old exclaiming, “Cool! They’re flame retardant!” Important consideration when spending evenings pj-clad near the menorah…

  • Dude, ARE the boys getting a Wii for Christmas? I stood in line to buy one this morning in the FREEZING cold for an hour with my 8 year old, but we did not luck out. There were 10 people in line before us, and only 4 Wiis in the store. (“Wii” looks weird pluralized, by the way.) It was still fun to hang with the kid, even if we nearly died of the dang cold. (We live in Margene-land, aka SLC.)

  • What a great memory for you all. We had elves when I was a kid and they moved and hid at least daily. Sometimes when we found them we found a little treat. Sometimes a reminder of a chore or nicety we were supposed to do. This lasted until we stopped coming home from college it was such a nice tradition.

  • OMG, this gives me such a tickle, I wish WE’D had elves when Abigail was little. Probably they didn’t come around because I was too ogre-ish.

  • This is what Christmas and family is all about – building traditions that pass along – to your children’s children, to their children, etc. How wonderful is that?
    For some reason, this past week, I stopped reading this blog. no time, distracted, whatever reason. But it feels like such a bonus today – 3 new entries to read and soak in. Thanks!

  • That is so cute! A great little tradition to start!

  • I need some elves at my house. Do they clean? (Please, please, my kids don’t) If my three labrador retrievers think they’re tasty, they would never survive at my house. How do they get along with dogs?

  • Listen, if Jingle (aka Hermie) is missing his old pal Mr Heat Miser, I can pop over–I just did the henna.

  • That is So sweet! When my youngest daughter was little, an elf came to visit every year before Christmas. The fingerprints might have been butter (shhhhhh!) on the outside of the glass in her bedroom window but she was enchanted and loved knowing that the elf was around and about.
    Let’s face it, Christmas is just magical!!!

  • What a great idea, I love elves! If it we weren’t in the middle of a blizzard I’d be dashing out to get one right now!! Here’s hoping our road is cleared by tomorrow.

  • What utter fabulousness with the elves! I wonder if they come to the UK too. I’ll have to ask my nephews.

  • Not to be Erma Bombeck here, but my daughter’s friend has an elf, and now she wants one herself, and we lazy and unimaginative moms just want to pulverize you supermoms. I’m just sayin. If the bar is set low, we can always reach it from the floor.

  • My daughter’s friend has an elf, and now she wants one herself, and we lazy and unimaginative moms just want to pulverize you supermoms. I’m just sayin. If the bar is set low, we can always reach it from the floor.