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  • A moebius dishcloth? I should have seen it coming. =P It looks great!

  • That’s awesome! I love the mashed-together-ness of the idea, the simple elegance of the moebius shape with the simple utility of a handtowel combining to make something wonderful.

  • Everyone should get to do a “really fun, marginally useful” activity! I really like the colors.

  • You have proven once again that anything can be done with dishcloth cotton yarn and a little imagination/airport boredom! If you had knit it a bit bigger, it could double as a sling for carrying a baby…okay, maybe for a little girl and her dolls. Should we expect more of this in your next book?

  • I am totally LOVING THAT THING. I mean, I am LOVING IT! There is an impulse to make a really huge long one with a single red stripe an inch in from the edges, so it would really truly look like a roller towel. Love it!

  • It boggles my mind, but I love it.

  • Ok, I give up…dolphin, hummingbird, crocodile. I’m assuming it’s a moebius thing? (New windows, too?)
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • YES! now get that thing on a dowel rod pronto! The blue and white palette is verry mattress ticking. I’m with Ann – it cries out for a single red or navy stripe – mail me back my #6s so I can cast this thing on!

  • That is the most fantastic silly “process-knitting” experiment I have ever seen. I immediately wanted to knit one for my sis, who is the recipient of many many “Chinese Waves” warshcloths simply because she likes them and I wanted to see how all the colors of Sugar N Cream looked made up. I’ll bet I have plenty of yarn ends left to do this. I’ll bet I WILL do this.
    You could use it as a plain old arm sling, too, I betcha. Or a Chihuahua carrier, if you didn’t have a baby handy.

  • Kay, that is way cool. I could so see myself drying a dish or two with that. I love the colors.

  • Okay. Sometimes I can be very slow. What do you mean by cast on moebiusly? Is it just one twist in the cast-on row before you join the yarn?
    This might require detailed drawings.

  • Ann, you are so right. A nice red stripe. Oooooo, what about a linen one, as a glass cloth?

  • haha kay, i think i love you.

  • That is cool! At first I thought it was an adult-sized wrap, shoulder cozy. Or a funky serape.

  • Silly Kay…it’s a burp rag for new mothers!
    JUST the right size, soft absorbant, and can be rotated to a dry spot easily.
    I’ll be it fits like a scarfish thing… so it’s right in place when you put the baby over your shoulder too…

  • Look out! Look out! That window/door to the right looks as if it’s open a bit and I don’t see anything for a person to step out on such as a balcony or even a window ledge. Grab onto the moebius bungee to break your fall!

  • Seems like it would be a good hand washing towel for kids or DH. Hang it on a hook/dowel and it can stay there (instead of the floor!) until it needs to be warshed. It would be tough to snap at somebody’s butt, though. Maybe that’s a good thing.

  • I know “chicken, airplane, soldier”, but “dolphin hummingbird, crocodile” totally eludes me. Do love the color choice, it’s a gift, you know, and sadly I don’t have it.

  • Y’know, I believe many a commercial roller towel is in fact a moebius — take a look next time and you may see. The theory is that a clean “side” appears when next it comes round.

  • That is super – I may have to do one for my kitchen sink area – But I see the need for more people to meet the wonder that is Cat — They must get her books and take her classes to understand dolphin, hummingbird, croc. but you forgot the wheasel and the bunny — sorry for the spelling I have been up for 36 hours and can barely think at all let alone spell….

  • The view through your window makes me so homesick for Manhattan.

  • You made me chuckle.
    “How do you like your children?”
    “Throughly chilled with a twist of lime.”
    Or should it read with a twist of dishcloth cotton?

  • Wait, let me guess. You were flying United Airlines, right?

  • I can see giving one of these towels to a jogger to wear around their neck for soaking up sweat. Or maybe a non-jogger who happens to live in a very humid, hot state. Fashion statement and super absorber in one. Now to just incorporate some of that anti-bacterial technology and we’re good to go.

  • Yeah, we shoulda seen it coming, is right.
    And it’s AWESOME. *big fat grin*
    I’ve been in a knitting slump because I’m busy preparing to move, but now I have to whip some of these out to match my new kitchen.

  • Um, “dolphin, hummingbird, crocodile”?

  • Kay,
    I knew it was a moebius roller towel as soon as I set eyes on it. Very like the towel my grandma had in her kitchen when I was a wee little girl; [I was quite small once, honest!] only grandma’s towel had two sides and no half-twist.
    The colors are very spring like. Would you estimate the number of stitches you cast on, or at least tell me what size needle you used?

  • I don’t need it, but I want to cast on for that right now. Roller towel stripes would look wonderful.

  • Very pretty! I made a similarily twisted cloth, but did it a different way. I made a long rectangle (casting on the short end). After cast off, I gave it a twist before seaming it shut.

  • I am finding the moebius knitting intriguing. I’m totally going to have to get Cat’s book!

  • Hi Kay- You are a genius! If my book were done and I didn’t have a new grandbaby to hold and love I would drop everything to make your simply brilliant Moebius dish towel. Did you know that on our WA state ferries, at least on the older ones, they have rolling towels in a contraption on the wall and yes, as someone commented earlier, I do believe they are a Moebius, so they go forever. You make me want to knit a Moebius roller towel to attach to my refrigerator – you could put it on a bar and simply keep rotating it until it was time to do the laundry again. Anyway, I am delighted and tickled that my Dolphin- Hummingbird-Crocodile made such a practical impression on you. And you described the entire thing so beautifullyy – putting a big smile on my face. You and Ann (and everyone) were heavenly to spend those days with in Oregon. And now back to my book – which is now due out in July. I hope to see you at TNNA or somewhere else soon.

  • That last line–now I have to explain to the menfolk why the out-loud guffaw.

  • Now you have to do a mitered moebius dishcloth.

  • I need to make this – how do I cast on moebiously??? Lordie I can’t even spell it!

  • I don’t get the references to the swimming, flying, crawly things, or how to cast on moebiusly. But I like the towel. If it isn’t a rectangle that’s kitchenered together, how in the world did you get it twisty?

  • Oh, Kay…sniff…I missed your knitting and your dishcloth cotton and I wish you’d finish your book soon! With all love and affection, since your first book got me knitting again (reknitting?) and I owe you and Ann debts of gratitude in perpetuity…

  • Very cool handtowel. Though I must say, I got a bit distracted by the also cool view behind it…and the cool window that goes all the way to the floor. But then I noticed that that appears to be a door handle the mobius towel is hanging on? Though a door to *where*, exactly? It’s kind of giving me vertigo through the computer screen.

  • Love it! I’d love to see the Mr. try to figure out how to fold it and put it away though.