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  • If there is a perfect sweater cardigan in existance, does that mean a perfect sweater cardigan pattern exists? Oooohhhh – I sure hope so!!

  • Hey – it was great to meet you both! Thanks for a perfect excuse for a mid-week road trip. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • DID YOU FIND YOUR BAG…and yarn?
    Pit in stomach…

  • Thanks for the details, I love traveling vicariously with you. I have to ask, is she using cotton chenille for that Moderne? I have TONS of cotton chenille and that looks so great! Hmmm…

  • Wow…is it weird that seeing my Moderne here makes me feel semi-famous? It was a great time, thanks so much for visiting the left coast! (Oh, and yesterday I received my shipment of 32 skeins of the cotton-that-shall-not-be-named yarn for my forthcoming mitery goodness.)

  • I have some information to add: Denise’s Moderne Blanket is in Socks That Rock Heavyweight — love those shifting solid colors.
    The spoiled man with the handknit remote-control cozy-in-progress is Chris.
    The Noble Dad/Book Retriever (who seemed awfully cheerful about the whole thing), is Tom. I think. I scrawled “Tom” on a bookmark. So I’m going with that.
    And I hasten to add that we rubber-stamped that cute little girl at her request and with her mom’s permission! Wouldn’t want anybody to think we are the kind of people who rubber-stamp other people’s children without so much as a by-your-leave!
    I’m still decompressing. Passovering. Moving. xoxo Kay

  • OMG! Well, yes, the dad’s name is in fact Tom, I can verify that, he’s my step-dad! Happy Birthday to me!! I’m glad he got to meet ya’ll and I can’t wait to hear about it! Now, I have to lay low on the blog and pretend I don’t know he really did it – hah!

  • Oh yes, forgot to add – I do hope they find and send you your luggage real soon!

  • Eek! I hope they find your bag!
    Happy Birthday Cheesehead! That’s very cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I promise to get cooking on that cardigan pattern! So freaking close, and now I have no excuse left not to finish the thing already. It was wonderful to meet up with both of you. Thanks for the ride, the company, and the encouragement ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I sat by Denise and her Modern Blanket and it is beautiful, I kept touching it and admiring it. At some point in my future I may have to make one in Socks that Rock heavy weight.
    Really, A good time was had by all.

  • My luggage was lost twice recently. I gave the same answer ๐Ÿ˜€

  • There are rubber stamps!??!!?!?!!? I’m dying for a rubber stamp now. Rilly.
    Kay, you’re moving?!?!?! Still? Some more? Good heavens! Hang in there.
    And during passover, at that. Do you have to kill a lamb in both locations? Ha! Having a Christian husband who loves to cook, I’m having potted rabbit this weekend for Easter. Ha! Aren’t the holidays a barrell of laughs, though?

  • Sure do hope you get your bag back! And that store window looked awesome.
    In the meantime, I stumbled on this site and knew it would be great for gobsmacked Anglophiles. Its a collection of British slang over at http://www.peevish.co.uk/slang/index.htm
    Very funny.

  • Lost luggage is the pits. I really hope you get all that yarn back! That happend to me on the way back from Peru.(I did get it back.) I am glad you had fun in Portland! I missed the event, (not my doing mind),and am sorry I did. =( Cest la vie.

  • Ah HA! I KNEW there had to be 2! Now, we have to catch Ann’s twin.

  • That little girl looks like my three-year-old, who recently emerged from her playroom with her face coated with purple marker, announcing that she was a tiger. (I never saw a purple tiger, I never hope to see one…) She had even colored her tongue. Thank God for Crayola Washables.

  • Do let us know when your bag is recovered and eggzackly what it contains, will you? (Note that I said when your bag is recovered, not if. Your yarn will find you, I am sure of it.) Also, I am wondering if this rubber stamp will be mass-reproduced and included as a bonus with the next book? Cuz if it is, I am preordering today!

  • Kay! You’re lookin’ righteous! Whatever you’re doing to your hair, keep it up.
    Also, I thought the poor child had a skin condition. So relieved to know it washes off.
    Happy b’day, Cheesehead. Your stepdad is way cool.

  • A Perfect Sweater cardigan? Oh, a kindred spirit! I’ve been dying for the Perfect Sweater as a cardigan, but I haven’t had the time to work it out for myself! Crossing fingers, toes, etc. while I wait for the pattern!!

  • Thank God you explained that it was rubber stamping all over that child!! It looked like some very bizarre skin disease! Perhaps a wool alergy? Perhaps too much candy from too many Easter Egg hunts??

  • In that group photo, along the right side, there’s … an animal? Is it a stuffed dog?

  • That little girl is my 4-year-old daughter and she had just had a spring break daytrip to the Children’s Museum with Daddy. Daddy was late for bowling and passed her off to me with just enough time to get to Abundant Yarns but not enough time to wash off the face paint.
    About the stamp: it’s Kay’s head. My other 1.75-year-old daughter received the stamp of Ann’s head. Those stamps just cracked me up!
    And another thing: the stamps of Ann and Kay washed off after two baths. The faint tinge of orange and red face paint lasted through 3 baths.
    My daughters were suitably impressed with their stamps and “Those Knitting Ladies”, so much so that after a brief interlude at a neghborhood park they wanted to come back into the shop to stare at Ann and Kay some more and muster up the courage to tell them about making pizza at the Children’s Museum.

  • P.S. Yes, that’s a stuffed dog in the group picture. It kept my youngest daughter quiet during a good portion of Ann and Kay’s talk.

  • Not the yarn! Ack! I am sending good thoughts to the universe that your bag will make it back to you soon.
    It was great to meet you down on the coast. On Sunday we fit 11 people into my moebius. I think I cast on a few to many stitches.

  • Your lovely book came in the mail today, so I brought it in with me to work. The girls at work have been hounding me to teach them how to knit for a while now, and today the boss announced she’s going to be an auntie. So I held up the book and showed them the baby kimono and the easy-peasy baby bib. What luck!

  • Hi, Kay! The . . . Perfect . . . Sweater . . . CARDIGAN– why didn’t I think of that!?!? What an excellent idea! Definitely adding this to the old mental percolator for consideration. Thanks for passing along the idea!

  • Your traveling roadshow! If you so strike out west, say San Francisco Bay Area – you would let all us Bay Area knitters know, right? Or what can a knitter do to entice you ladies out to our fair city? Hope the 50lb bag o yarn made it home safe.

  • So? Do we need to send out a search party for that bag? And where are you going south?

  • Hi. You took my picture. Any chance it came out okay and you could send it to me? I’m the Asian one.

  • OK, I don’t get to come see you because of a stupid previous engagement, but the marching band from our high school gets to ride on a plane with you — so not fair.

  • hello, longtime reader first time poster. just wanted to point out something cool in the photo above the black cat. if you look to the right there is a cat jumping and is stopped in midair and looks very cool.

  • Thank you for all the wonderful entertainment and education! I can’t find anywhere on your blog a link to upcoming events at which you might be presenting. Does such a link exist? If not, could it? Thanks, bunches.