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  • Log Cabins ROCK! You ROCK!

  • Looks like such fun – I am truly envious! Don’t suppose you ever get a hankering to travel Southern Ontario-way, do you??

  • Looks like such fun – I am truly envious! Don’t suppose you ever get a hankering to travel Southern Ontario-way, do you??

  • Looks like such fun – I am truly envious! Don’t suppose you ever get a hankering to travel Southern Ontario-way, do you (she asked hopefully)??

  • What a pretty yarn store! Look at all those oranges!!!! Gave my grandson a log cabin quilt for his bed for christmas. He was not too impressed, but his mom loved it.

  • Oh, that top photo and the captions(?) — what do you call those words slammed all over the photo like that, huh? — are killing me. I can’t stop laughing….

  • Oh, that yarn photo put me in a happy place. And that last photo of you? That’s what I look like when I laugh so hard I start crying.

  • I’m gonna! I’m gonna!

  • That’s just too cool. I wish i could have been there. and sheesh–that baby was #6???
    she has her own basketball team now. i hope that is enough for her!
    lastly, thanks so much to you and Ann for the bookplate! it’s just lurvely! :o)
    p.s. how do you do that write-on-pictures-thing?

  • Love love LOVE the colors sitting right in front of you in that last picture. How do you do it?

  • You? Talky? Dunno what you’re talking about.
    Wish I’d been there to see the birth of so many simulcabins–it’s a world record, people!

  • The writing on pix – oh how this would be fun to do at church meetings! Tell me it is easy!
    6? I’m not sure you were observing serenity. Maybe she was hearing voices in her head….. my latest favorite “you NEED Nanny McPheeeeeeeeeee”

  • Hate ponchos, LOVE the wrap from Weekend Knitting (so much I have made it TWICE). I have issues, I know. Thanks for always making me laugh and learn new reasons why I love to knit!

  • I think this is a great reminder that ponchos can be an elegant and useful garment. Fun-fur-monstrosity-induced amnesia just makes one blank out the whole genre sometimes.

  • Actually, that is probably one of the funniest knitting class pictures I have ever seen!

  • That looks like so much fun. I wish you could come to Dallas and blab!

  • Have you considered Canada in January? It’s real nice here then. Really.

  • The picture with all the comments was so funny!
    The blab, blab, blab, part is useful in other situations, too. My son was just doing his 4th grade math homework. He asked if I was listening and I said sure, blab, blab, blab, how many purple squares does that blab ,blab make?

  • So is Georgia in August. Nice, I mean. How bout it?

  • I try to get to String of Purls every time I am in Omaha. I drive down about every 4 – 6 weeks to tend to my maiden Aunt, the one who taught me to knit. She can no longer knit, but loves to sit on the couch at String of Purls and soak in all the loveliness while I hunt for yarn. So, now how about a little Minneapolis log cabin love in the snow???

  • THAT”S MY LYS!!!!!! how exciting seeing it on your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish I could have been a part of the workshop ๐Ÿ™ Maybe you will stop by sometime again for another one? Thanks for making Omaha not so boring! ;P

  • The colours on the table next to you at the bottom there are yummy. I took notes. Are you available for colour consultation sometime, because darling, I think you have a real talent for the selection. Kaffe got nothin’ on you.

  • I was like that baby when it came to the world of log cabins, but all that changed a few short days ago. Now I have converted to the Church of the Latter Day Log Cabin and am having such a grand time of it. I have many other things to knit (read: finish) but nothing is more satisfying than slapping another stripe on!

  • Dear Kay,
    Thank you for introducing me (via the fabby book) to log cabins! There is nothing better for post-holiday brain paralysis than watching a lovely throw come together – it looks difficult, but it ain’t!
    I don’t know about Georgia in August or Canada in January, but here in Los Angeles, well, the weather is generally lovely, and boy oh boy could we use more log cabining! Come on down any time.

  • By the by, your highlights look FABulous!

  • And, closer to home, a log cabin workshop in NYC or sunny Jersey City or Hoboken?? I’d even offer my house, now that I have room. Looks like a blast!

  • Please come to Texas — preferably Austin/San Antonio!

  • Love the big picture! You are too funny and a whole new world opens now that you know how to write on photos!
    I like the colors laid out in front you in this last photo. Browns and blues with a touch of green…. yummy!
    Hurry up and come back to Indy and stay awhile. Are you coming anywhere close?

  • That looks like it was so fun!
    Love the detail of the log cabin there and that sweet squinchy snuggly baby made me squee out loud at work.

  • See, that wasn’t so bad. Although your brain appears to be slightly addled – perhaps it’s all the fresh air? I understand you’re supposed to forget the pains of childbirth so that you’ll be able to move on and love your children, but I’M MARVELLING that you forgot to marvel that Gabriel Joseph is a SIXTH. I guess you don’t have to marvel that she’s calm about it by now, but c’mon!
    Oh yeah, and the knitting’s great. I keep telling myself that I’m not buying more yarn right now, but man – I’m going to be dreaming tonight of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I mean, I do have that one friend who’s pregnant and…

  • I echo what Dorothy B said about Ontario in January. Totally. It’s balmy.
    That knitting workshop pic is pure genius.

  • I picked the wrong time to move from Omaha! I would have SO been there. SOP was my LYS when we lived there. Ann and Robin are the best! Robin’s youngest daughter was one of my students in middle school, which is how we met! They were fabulous and sponsered our knitting club at the school with great present and prizes! SOOO jealous!

  • Mason Dixon Knitting arrived about 5 days ago from Amazon. What can I say…? I have M.E. and yesterday was a lie on the sofa catching up with Desperate Housewifes day, and now I have a dishcloth! And then, not only did I begin my first ever log cabin, I logged on here and found you’re all at it. Lovely to think I’m all this way away in England but I can join in the fun!

  • Pleasure reading !
    I want to say , I have a Passap 80 Knitting Machine, on legs, that I want to sell for $ 500.00, I paid way more than that for it.
    I have gone back to Hand Knitting.
    [email protected]
    Brooklyn, Michigan