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  • Oh Ann! Let me be the first to hang my head and shed a little tear for your lack of yarn. It is really beautiful, even in the current state of almost there. Take heart, even da Vinci left a few great works incomplete. (Of course, I have absolute faith that you will eventually finish your Print o’ the Wave masterpiece.)

  • So close, and yet, it’s time to take a break from the Print o’ the Wave. I believe someone will be able to help you out with that last little bit of cotton, or you will be able to figure out a clever, alternative solution.

  • You did that on purpose, didn’t ya?

  • Oh, just finish it up with some Sugar ‘n’ Creme. I’m sure it’ll blend RIGHT in. It’ll be your secret!

  • Oh drat! No miracles this time. Ann, have you been naughty? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ooops. That stinks.

  • Oh Ann, that is my worst fear! Running short of yarn. I nearly ran short of Koigu for my first lace project. I managed to find an extra skein (not of the same dye lot) that I was able to work in throughout the second half of my shawl. A bit spotty, granted, but it is hand-dyed yarn and I can cheat.
    Besides, anyone who knits would not point out the dye lot variations on someone’s first lace knitting project and someone who doesn’t know knitting would never see the difference. I got flat out lucky! I hope you can find another skein – perhaps Ebay?
    Of course, I will send foot measurements to Cat! She taught me how to knit socks too, and I have an incredible variety of HUGE feet in my house. Oldest son is a size 14! Knitting socks is a practical consideration around here.

  • Thank you, Ann – and thank you to everyone who sends me foot measurements – the more the merrier. If you have a large family, I’ll takek them all!
    And Ann, I so wish I had a bal of that yarn to send you – I have an enitre room full of yarn – but not that one. I think, though, that the yarn fairies will be sure one wings its way to you somehow.

  • Crossing my fingers that you will find the yarn you need. And glad to help out Cat who is my Moebius idol.

  • Ann, can you make that clickable to read big? Kinda tough on some resolutions.

  • Try it now–is that better?

  • aww..running out of yarn so close is the worst! i’m sure someone has some, though..sorry, not me..

  • Well, when I asked for a missing color on the MDKAL I had a reply in a couple of hours, and the yarn in just a few days. So I think there’s hope!
    Did anyone else notice interesting proportions in the family foot measurements??

  • Wow, maybe if my foot measurements are in a sock book I’ll have to break down and tackle my first sock. Made mittens last year, for me and the hubband, so it is possible……praying for your yarn, and I just cast off lots o’ sins, so there is hope!

  • Well what are the odds of that happening? I’m just bettin’ that someone will have a skein for you. It does look beautiful so far!

  • I hate to be pedantic, but does Cat have opinions about what time of day we should measure our feet? You know that all the women’s mags say you should go shoe-shopping late in the afternoon, after your feet have swollen a tad….
    (Swollen feet. What a lovely image.)

  • Gee – I have never thought of my feet in those terms before. Hmm.

  • Hmmmm swollen feet at the end of the day. Let’s put them up and knit! Really, I had not thought about this – Danielle, this is a good point. Let’s assume that we are knitting for the morning feet since they are the ones which usuallly carry us around and wear shoes. After that we prop them on ottomans while knitting . . .
    In the new books I am tentatively planning on having several naptime/sleepytime/knittytime socks which are not meant to do much but keep your feet purring while you do not stand on them. They will be looser than usual, as well as made out of fibers that might not hold up for usual wear and tear. So when feet are larger at the end of the day, these socks will be just the thing.
    So thanks for the thought – I shall take it into account – and please measure your feet and send it to me – the trends I am seeing as data comes in is fascinating.

  • Oh no! Disaster!
    Out of interest, but what’s happened to the perfect sweater? I’m sad to say that I couldn’t wait any longer, and swatched and cast on for Anna Bell’s “Argyle” last night, since I need a woolly jumper (and I was in such a hurry, I nearly spelt it ‘wolly’).

  • Heya Ann! ๐Ÿ™‚
    This is just perfect for Socktoberfest! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Oh, Ann, I am so sorry! Surely, someone will rescue you with more of that lovely yarn. You WILL get to finish your stole โ€” I just feel it!

  • Over 1,100 yards for that stole! Are you planning to wrap Athena Parthenos* in it? Tell the ole gal I said “hey” (bless her heart).

  • Ann, check out your comments from the September 25th entry: someone named Jayne offered up this exact yarn should you run into this exact problem!!!

  • quelle horreur!

  • Is Cat looking for some laughs or what? I’m in !

  • Cat Bordhi wants MY foot measurements? I feel like my quirky ol’ feet have hit the big time. Thanks for letting us all in on it.
    Enjoy your non-lace projects until you get the rest of the yarn.

  • Another case of the universe stepping in when you need it. Clearly a break from the shawl was in order, and if Jayne has your yarn, it’ll be just the right break. Lucky bummer!

  • Wish I could help you out with the yarn.
    But I can measure my foot for Cat. I’m sure she’ll want the square feet in the world to be represented!!

  • what a stunning shawl – fingers crossed that it will be finished by the little mice that helped the tailor of Gloucester when he ran out of cherry-colored silk twist.
    As far as the feet go, it looks like the leg measurement is right above the ankle bone – true? I am blessed with those wonderful legs that balloon out as soon as they leave the ankle, making for terrfic tree trunks but murder on the sock pattern (thank you very much Aunt Maude). How high up on the leg is the measurement wanting to be?

  • Have you written the Blue Heron people to ask if they have a mill end they’d send you? Think of all the great PR they’d get on the blog when you gush with gratitude!

  • http://gallery.bcentral.com/GID5108334P4011636-Yarns/Blue-Heron-Yarns/Mercerized-Cotton-Laceweight/Blue-Heron-Mercerized-Cotton-Laceweight-Yarn-Bluegrass.aspx
    Here’s a website I found that carries it. I’ve never dealt with them personally though. I just HATE to see you be so close and yet so far to finishing that project!

  • This is my first comment…
    First–Ann, I hope you find your yarn. The shawl is just so darn GOR-jus. It should not be truncated.
    Second–my baby girl was Cat’s first baby measurement (yesterday)! who’ll be next…?
    Third, did anyone else find that their A, B, and C measurements were nearly identical? Or is that just my gene pool? I’ve never made a sock (new knitter) so maybe this is some secret foot proportion thing I’ve never heard of.

  • A and B nearly identical. C waaaay off because of “cankles”. D explains why flap-down heels fit me better than short-row ones.
    Everybody sing along now: Goodness, gracious, great balls of gussets!

  • Print o’ the Wave is looking so beautiful, I do hope you can get hold of the yarn.

  • I am convinced this pattern is evil.
    Lovely, but evil. I am scared to death of the border- this will be my virginal attempt at knitting on a border, I’m kind of hoping I’ll run out of yarn and not have to find out if I’m really a knitting loser.
    If you find more yarn- I’m desperately appreciate a nice clear photo tutorial of the process;)
    Espesially if it were this pattern….
    best of luck- ts

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