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  • Kay!!
    I was just thinking about the Afghanalong! Good to hear that the blankets have or will be arriving in their new homes.
    I recently came upon a blog that excoriated the knitting community (it wasn’t a v. good blog, despite its attack on knitting and knitters). The writer raged on about how passionate we are about our craft and could not understand why. The Afghanalong is certainly one reason among many why we are.
    Here’s to the Sister Knitterhood. Church of the Craft. Whatever. Count me in.
    Sister Bertrille
    (aka elisabeth)

  • Amen and hallelujah. By the way, should we be sending hats as well?

  • Welp, I for one feel persecuted by all those secular bloggers out there (AKA Those Who Do Not Craft). But we are faithful, if not a bit overzealous at times.
    I thank you, Sister Kay, for taking control of the whole “wool blanket in the summer” issue. Our church would be lost without you! May the Force be with you. And also with you. Let us pray.
    P.S. When’s the next potluck?

  • Yeah, gimme some of that old time religion! We should have known the Nashville connection wasn’t random.

  • It sort of is a congregation, isn’t it? The word is about coming together before it is about belief.
    Anyway, well deserved kudoes to you both and everyone who contributed. It is a nice thing.

  • What a wonderful letter. Is there another Afghanalong going on now? I have yarn and a break in the madness and would love to chip in, but I don’t know who knows what. Cheers.

  • You know, it was just yesterday I was looking through a heaping pile of scrap wool, thinking, “Lord help me, I must be such a fool to keep all this stuff just hanging around. And to what end?” And now, thanks to yesterday’s felting post, my wayward pile of lamb’s pride scraps have a renewed purpose, a hopeful future. Coincidence? I think not. Prayers are answered and spiritual guidance abounds, right here at MDK.
    To be honest, I kind of like the idea of us all being a congregation of knitters/craftsfolk. It sounds better than “flock” or “gaggle,” and who hasn’t been moved by the unexpected kindness of crafters in times of need?
    (Okay, I could use a little help off this soapbox now. See what happens when I’m left alone at the office???)

  • Sister Kay,
    What’s all the laughing for? We ARE a congregation! And a devout one, at that!
    Sister Norma
    Oy, will I be struck down for the blasphemy?

  • Great job with the afghanalong! And also, on an unconnected note, I got a flyer from Elann today saying that Den-M-Knit yarn will be available again on July 12th . . . For some reason, I thought you might be interested!

  • Dear Kay & Ann,
    I know that you gals did all the hardwork, but I must tell you what a warm fuzzy feeling I got just knowing that I’m part of your congregation ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love P

  • Any congregation that is happy when I put my knitting in when the collection plate is passed around is my kind of church.

  • I just came over here to link as I am contemplating knitting Rogue in the yarn I won in the Afghanalong. Wow. I was also in the little shop today where I bought my Handknit Cotton DK to knit squares. Not often I hit the old yarn shops in SC. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you need more Noro squares?

  • There are lots of different kinds of ministry. Yours is certainly an inspiring and generous one.