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  • Love the big dot. You could make a couple bucket hats with the new yarn or if you have enough a boxy cardi/jacket. It’just doesn’t look like it has all that much drape in it.

  • What a fun blog: We get Burt Bachrach and Sqeaky, all in one sitting!

  • That yarn doesn’t give me the hives, but the picture of Burt does. He looks very smarmy in that photo. The Kokopelli looks a little in weight and hand like Peace Fleece. Now you’ve done it, I’ll have to go buy some.

  • Wow, it’s going to be beautiful. But not as beautiful as Burt’s sweater….

  • If those slipped stitches get too tight, try wrapping the yarn around twice when knitting them, thus creating a larger loop, that stretches further.

  • I improvised a tam using one skein of Kokopelli and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s indications (not really a pattern) from Knitting Without Tears. In last summer’s issue of Interweave Knits there’s a fabulous Teva Durham bag in Kokopelli. And then there’s a Shirley Paden rib and wrapped cable sweater in a more recent IK. I love that yarn–it’s buttah.

  • That slip stitch pattern kicks butt! I love the illusion of colorwork without actually doing the colorwork. Brilliant!

  • I love the piano bench cover and the Kokopelli (both the yarn and the character). I have a wrought iron Kokopelli figure on my porch post. Already having 7 kids, I prefer to keep both the fertility and the mischief from entering the house!

  • Big dot is looking COOL. Wish I could say the same about Bert. But. Well. Hhhhmmm.
    For the back of the cushion how about large squares of colour like a sort of nine patch or… go mad and entice Kay into making a psychedelic rectangle!

  • I think you should refer to the piano bench as “Big Dotty”. I’m crazy about that pattern. As for Kokopelli, I’ve seen it featured on a sweater in Vogue last fall – a really beautiful cabled cardigan – deep blue. You should check it out. I’m guessing that it works up similaly to Lamb’s Pride since the fabric content is almost identical – just a bit more mohair.

  • Fab, fab, fab,fab, fab ! That piano seat really works ! Love the new yarn too, especially the one on the left.

  • I hope you have in mind a pianist worthy of such honors to warm his/her buns on such a fabulous bench cushion. Burt himself might qualify.

  • I had a chuckle at the stick insect. A teacher-friend of mine prefers them as pets for her class for several reasons: Few needs re. habitat and food; weird enough to be interesting, but not cuddly (she has had hamster bite and territorial marking spray issues with other pets); finally it is very hard to see whether dead or alive and thus ‘Herbie (Mk.1) recently deceased’, can easily be replaced with ‘Herbie (Mk.2) recently purchased’ without class noticing.

  • I have never made anything with Kokopelli, but I have coveted it for YEARS. Maybe I should finally get some. Do keep us posted on how you like knitting it, will you?

  • Pleases could you tell me where you got the stitch pattern for “Big Dot”, the winner of the piano seat cover quest?
    It is beautiful!
    I thought you had said it came from a Reader’s Digest book, but when I went to the library and asked about a Compendium of Stitches from Reader’s Digest … there was not one to be found.
    I’m quite fascinated by the look of the pattern, as someone said previously – “the illusion of colorwork”.
    As a not-experienced knitter, I need all the illusion I can get!

  • Hi! I, too would like to find that pattern. Nancy

  • Can u share the pattern?