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  • Good golly! I’m not much of a weeper but this story even got me all misty!

  • Truly heartwarming! I can’t help but feel so small sitting here in my air-conditioned office.

  • This just made me weep… I think that it’s lovely that she had her sis send back the square so you could add Afghanistan to the map! Hey, do you have Iraq on there? I could try and have the bf send one back… I am so happy that Jenny and Matt were able to meet up over there!

  • Excellent, most excellent post. Thank you, ladies!

  • Throw the Kleenex this way across the pond….
    love, Jill

  • Amazing! Good thing I’m at work and so have to control myself!

  • What a moving story!!
    If the whole world population were as good hearted as knitters there would be no wars!

  • Oh gosh, nothing like a good cry first thing in the morning. Good thing my 9:00 meeting is a phone conference (sniff, wipe, sniff). Just look what you guys have done. What a wonderful thing.

  • !!! Thanks for making me all misty eyed. Boo Hoo to You Too!

  • It’s so much more than knitting.
    Thanks Kay (and Tish! and family!) for helping us keep it all in perspective.

  • I am verklempt! If only we could all be this way more often, perhaps there wouldn’t be the need (or the war conditions) in Afganistan. A big hug to our good people over there who are doing their best.

  • Kleenex definitely! What a sweet story. Best wishes to Tish, Jenny & Matt and their families and I hope Jenny and Matt get to home soon.

  • the tenderest of afghan related stories ever……
    “can we get the world to knit…. in perfect harmony?….” tra la…..
    waiting endlessly for delayed flights in airports, i always search out other knitters to sit with. why,… they are as lovely a group of humans, as are musicians, and even birders!

  • *SOB* That is just all SO great!

  • Ann and Kay … what you’re doing for the distressed people of Afghanistan is beyond words. I sent some squares a few months ago and am proud to be a part of this grassroots humanitarian effort. You inspire me!
    Thank you!

  • Oh my. I’m stumped for words. Thanks.

  • This is the ULTIMATE in heart-warming stories!

  • That is just TOO COOL!

  • Thank you for all of your good wishes. I’ll pass them along to Jenny and Matt.

  • What a great story. Per mybrother-in-law (he just spent 10 months in Iraq and will start a 12 month tour in A-stan in March ’05), and as evidenced by Jenny’s work in the mideast, there is a lot of good going on in these countries. My brother-in-law is always quick to point out that the bad gets more press than the good. So, I am glad you are sharing the good!!!

  • past the kleenex please….sniff

  • I keep looking at that photo of Jenny and her Afghan friend, and that picture of Jenny and Matt, and I’m haunted by them. I hope so much that they’ll be home soon.