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  • Any idea how *many* squares have been contributed? Hundreds? Thousands?
    Ok, maybe not thousands…..

  • The flooring in gawgeous in my opinion. I love vintage. But it may also contain asbestos so you might get a professional opinion cuz that is some nasty stuff.

  • Yeah! The US is aglow. I am so upset that our travel plans do not coincide with the Afghanalong. I had dreams of adding Utah and Nebraska, along with Italy, but alas, our trip is not to take place until around September 15. I am glad that others were there to fill in the gaps. Thanks, Ann and Kay for a wonderful contest and chance to do some great charity knitting. This has been the knitalong to rival all others…

  • Just wanted to add that the best course of action maybe be just to carpet over it instead of trying to remove it.

  • P.S. I have some experience pulling up icky vinyl. Definitely hire someone – it is a ton of work!

  • Kay,
    Are there any “themed” afghans that need extra squares? I was thinking about going through my stash to make another square or 2 and wondered if you needed or wanted squares of any particular ilk, weight, color, etc? I’m going to a national conference in Portland next week and maybe I can palm off a few squares to be mailed by someone in the Dakotas!

  • No, you’re right. That is freaky. (Glancing quickly at the picture, it took me a minute to realize it wasn’t a shiny afghan.)
    This could be a warning from the knitting gods. Maybe you should find something circular to knit. (I have a circular-spiral-y baby blanket pattern, if you want it!) Or wavy. Or masses of short rows. But it seems time to escape the squares. Send some to Chicago, will ‘ya?

  • Kaaaaaaaaay, I’m sitting here in the midst of Tropical Storm Alex (what’s with the nickname, btw, I mean do you have to be a hurricane to get the full Alexander?), and I’m marveling at Kelli Ann’s stitchery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, it’s a bwankie!!!!!!!! Kelli Ann, your efforts are purely amazing–and so gracious of you to take on what surely was a Size Large project.
    So thrilled to see all those cotton squares meeting their destinies. Don’t you wish we could hop a plane to Kabul to see the baby who ends up with this confection?
    I echo Kay’s gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this project. It blows my mind every day.

  • so,um, is it still o.k. to send in squares? i am ashamed of myself for being so lax (lame) in sending you my meager contribution – – even more so because i live in the beautiful red rock canyon country of southern utah – a glaring gray square of a state on your map.

  • Just another reminder that your groovy flooring
    If you really don’t like it, it might be a great and easy surface to lay some of the new snap-together wood flooring on (like Pergo).

  • Just a second there, Dr. Destructo, are you sure that’s not, gulp, linoleum? You are assured a lifetime supply of material for block printing if you rip that stuff up carefully. Waste not, want not, say I (and, I think, Benjamin Franklin).

  • I was embarassed enough to see that there were no contributions from South Dakota, but then to be mentioned specifically! I’m dying of shame. Now really, I live in St. Louis (and don’t regret a minute of it) but my parents still live in South Dakota, and I haven’t been gone that long. I think it’ll still count. Just tell me where to go to find out what to do, and I’ll do it.
    In their defense, I should point out that there are NO yarn stores in South Dakota. (Knitter’s Magazine comes out of Sioux Falls, but there is no yarn store. How do they do it?) I don’t know about North Dakota. When all you have is Michaels and Wal-Mart, inspiration can be a bit hard to come by.

  • Cristina–I have asked everybody who looks like they might know, with hope in my heart, whether this stuff is linoleum. I’m told it’s vinyl. I want it to be lineoleum, but it will not cooperate.
    Amber, Mary B, Merrill–Fear not! I have no intention of getting my kid’s bedroom onto the EPA’s National Priorities List. We’ll cover it over with AstroTurf if we have to.
    Beth–So sorry to make you feel embarrassed, for that was not the intention. Being from Nebraska, where there are, supposedly, more cows than people, I totally understand that where there are fewer people, there are even fewer knitters. And I know that the knitting store situation is dire up north. Will gladly, graciously accept squares from St. Louis and call them South Dakota!
    Libby–Ditto for Utah–no mortification necessary, and we certainly would welcome squares from there.
    Everybody–We will keep accepting squares until at least the sew-up parties in September and October, when we will do our last drawings, sew everything up, and take a hiatus from blanket-making. It’s really wonderful that after 6 months, people still WANT to send in squares.
    Thanks all! xox Kay

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