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  • Oh Ann – that will be gorgeous ! I love those colours. Are you going for some incredibly complex intarsia to emulate tapestry or are we talking textured blocks of colour ?
    Incidentally, you’ve got my rug under that piano, except ours has the navy as the main colour and the red as an accent.What fabulous taste we have !

  • Now I have a ferocious crush on Albert too.
    Aara xoxo

  • A man after my own heart… Where’d he catch that fish?
    I love the idea of a the piano seat cover, I might have to do one myself!

  • The Louet linen is a marvelous yarn, though I do recommend copious amounts of that hand cream from Blue Sky Alpaca as you go. Are you thinking of something along the Kaffe Fassett line or more like something from Knitting the New Classics or More Knitting the New Classics? (I think by Kristen Nicholas) I have gotten it from the library many times and one of them has a bunch of traditional patterns from around the world and some resemble Persian carpets.

  • Coincidence! I’ve just been winding up some skeins of Euroflax. It’s lovely stuff. Difficult to wind though. My patent method of hanging it off the arm of the sofa while winding just didn’t cut it. I ended up with the worlds most tangled mess – took me about an hour (per skein) to sort out! Your colours look fabby. Are you making a cushion to rest on the stool or actually upholstering the top of the stool?

  • What a handsome guy — and a fisherman too! That picture is priceless.
    Those colors ar gorgeous…and that piano looks gorgeous too. I’m currently using a makeup stool for my piano bench, but when I grow up and actually get a real bench, I’m calling you for cushion ideas. 🙂

  • Heather–Too funny about our twin rugs. I adore old rugs, am totally addicted to them.
    I think I would go insane trying to do intarsia with this linen yarn. I’m not very accomplished at intarsia, and the linen is pretty unforgiving–absolutely no elasticity, ya know.
    I’m shooting for a pattern that uses at least four colors, and I’ll show you what I’m swatching.
    Robin–I would indeed love to do something that draws on Persian carpet motifs. I’ll go check out the books you suggest–very intriguing.
    Michelle–I wish I knew where Albert caught that fish. He and Mary Jane fished wherever they travelled, so there’s no telling. Definitely does not look like a Tennessee fish.
    Sarah–Ironically, a win(d)sor chair has proved to be my best helper. I don’t have a swift, so I verrrry carefully untie the skein, drape it reverently over the chair, and try to wind the ball tightly. Of course, the minute I take it off the winder, it collapses like a bad souffle. My only hope is to put the balls into ziploc bags and hope for the best. I had one tangle that made me say bad words.

  • Ann, what is a swivet?
    (I like the word. I think I need to add it to my repertoire.)
    This will be a fun project to watch…

  • Maybe I need to get myself a win(d)sor chair!!! I must confess to uttering the odd bad word too. Still, I was proud that the one thing I did not do was have a tantrum and chuck the yarn across the room (and maybe stamp on it for good measure). It does happen you know. Not often, but it does.

  • What a lovely idea, doing the piano stool. If you wanted to you could add his initials, dates, etc.? Swiss darned after? Swivet is a new word to me too – we would probably say ‘in a tizzy’ or as my Mum used to say ‘all of a doo-dah” but that is rather out-of-date now!

  • Jill, How funny the Olde English wert. Glad you are back from your travels; ADORED the historic postcard. xoxoxoKay

  • there is a knitted/beaded piano bench cushion in, um, oh god, I think it is knitter’s stash…good lord, of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most. Stripey, though, I remember that much…and I bought the book because of it…having a fabulous upright piano myself (the music that emanates from it is FAR from upright….) gotta love a guy with a big fish!

  • oooh, a cushion is such a great use for the Euroflax! I’m making a little girl’s skirt from Euroflax now and found that if you wash the skeins and tumble them dry in the dryer the yarn gets softer and easier to work with.